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I had a long post planned but, ultimately it was really just a way to some how gain approval that buying a new iPod was the right solution.

I had planned to waffle on at some length about the size of my music library (stop, phhnarring at the back you!), and about how I listen to music at work more than most places but can’t store all of my library on my work PC and how slow and cumbersome using a separate USB drive is and how HARD it is (ohh woe is me, I know, I know) to have to sync the USB drive with the home PC and goddamn I wish iTunes had an easier way to switch libraries as I really need my own as well as a larger “everything” library and wwwahhh wahhhh wahhhhh.

And then I read this post over at Swiss Toni’s and realised just how lucky I am and all that stuff.

As the old adage goes, I might have MS, but MS doesn’t have me. I’m not going to NOT write about it because I’m worried about what people might think of it and of me. Isn’t that exactly the kind of thing that MS Week is trying to change? I think it is, and so over the next few days, I’m going to write about pretty much nothing else but MS, and to hell with what people think.

To which I say, quite bloody right Mister!


My new keyboard Posted by Hello

UPDATE: OK and explanation. I had one of those big MS Office keyboards for a while but the damn thing was just too noisy. I work late into the night and the computer is in the spare room next to our bedroom. This keyboard has laptop style buttons, is much quieter and about half the size of the old one to boot. The fact that it lights up was not a factor in the purchase. Well maybe it was… if only they’d had the purple one…

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Illuminated keyboards on eBay – I’d suggest going for one of the UK ones. Might even try and sneak one myself as the US layout is annoying at times.

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We’ve all (well most of us) sat through them, stifling yawns, fidgeting, nodding in the right places (we think). Then leaving, chatting to co-workers, discussing what has just been heard… or more accurately asking each other what the hell had just been said.

Corporate ‘bull’ is a plague that I’ve mentioned before, particularly the use of big words when simpler, easier to understand ones will do, and it seems like I’m not the only person to notice.

In fact, Deloitte Consulting feel the same, and have launched Bull Fighter. It’s an add-in for MS Office (basically a glorified spell checker) which aims to remove the bull from your documents.

What a top idea, I’m off to download it and run some marketing brochures through it!

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My contract is up so it is new mobile phone time methinks… But which one?

Tariff has to be cross network, phone must have gadgets. Currently I’m heading towards the Orange SPV (my mate has one and it is very smart aside from the fact it is running on an MS OS… blue screen of death on a mobile? urgh…) Either that or the new Nokia 7250.

So let’s compare:
SPV – Add-on camera thingy, includes sync capabliity with Outlook (handy for to-do lists and calendar appointments), and MP3 player – takes a MMD card so is expandable…
7250 – Integrated camera, radio, and being Nokia I’ll have it up and running in all of 30 secs.

Ohh who am I kidding, it’ll be the SPV (providing I can still get one for free…). Back to Orange then, ahhh memories of my old nk502 ‘banana phone’ my first ever mobile.

[ Updated so as not to confuse poor old Lyle 😉 ]

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