I’m rattling through my To-Do list for today, and I remember a comment I saw in the HaloScan forums last night. Jeevan pointed out that HaloScan had, justifiably, been nominated and I started to wonder how many of the Bloggies nominees used HaloScan. That lead me to ponder which blogging tool was the most popular and so, with that in mind, I present the following statistics for your perusal.

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In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve not really had the motivation to post here everyday. I mean, I still feel that I should (4 years of habit is hard to break, just ask Nadia, BB’s very own nicotine bitch) but it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes. Hiatus, shmatus though. You’ll just have to suffer with me.

I should mention the New Moveable Type licensing – given the amount of column inches (literally!) this was given when they first announced the prices I think it’s only fair to mention this. Seems like the good folks at Six Apart are listening and have changed the prices. I won’t say that they maybe should’ve done some of this ‘negotiating’ with, say, the BETA testers… oops, I just did.

Ohh yes, and it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. What the hell do you get for the Dad who has everything? Dad, feel free to chip in here too!

bookmark_borderBlogger again

I’ll stop after this.

Business Plan. What is it and why did it prompt the new ‘revamped’ design?

There is a lot of focus (rightly) on the new look and new features (and changed features). But where now? Keep adding features for free? Really? When you are taking on Moveable Type and have been, seemingly, static for quite a while you are losing ground. Everywhere I’ve read posts from the people involved in this re-design talk of it in the immediate past. So is this the first step in a longer term strategy?

For Blogger Pro people, the people who paid for extra features, the only thing we are getting is a comments system, and a restricted one at that. Granted the amount of comment spam that hits most sites means that more of the hosted comments systems will have to start offering some form of spam protection (TypeKey anyone?) but there needs to be scope for people who aren’t (touch wood) affected by this.

I’m not bashing the new Blogger, Google, or any of the people involved but I DO get the feeling that this is only half the story. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m being too hopeful and maybe I need to remove some of the emotional attachment I have for Blogger (I mean I have a Blogger hoodie after all…) but I’m sure there is more to come, and that the technological changes under the hood that AREN’T being talked about are probably twice as important as those nice new curvy graphics on the front page.

As ever, time will tell.

bookmark_borderBravo Communication

I’m not a Moveable Type user, nor do I use TypePad, but that’s not the point.

Having just read: Mena’s Corner: Where did those 22 other people come from? I’m struck by the honesty and courage it took to write it. It’s an honest appraisal of personal and company failings, and I’m sure it will be reflected on in the months and years to come, hopefully in a positive manner.

It’s a lesson that other companies could learn from, and not necessarily just small ones. It’s so much easier these days to communicate with your customers, to give them an insight into your company and create an emotional bond. The Abbey National is a good example of refocussing their company as more ‘user-friendly’ (well, marketing it as such anyway, I’ve no experience on the actual workings of the company). It all falls into that ‘brand’ loyalty idea, Apple being one of the prime examples.

Are Apple computers BETTER than any others? For my needs my PC does what I need, as would an Apple. The same can be said of this site, Blogger does everything (almost) I need, as does Moveable Type. Does that mean Blogger is BETTER than MT? Well for me, possibly yes. For others, probably no. Each to their own. I’ve no real idea why I stick with Blogger, other than I feel some affinity to it, I kept up with company developments via various blogs, and had a real emotional connection. It was like watching a kid grow up, I guess…

Anyway, BRAVO Mena Trott and everyone at Six Apart. You’ve reacted the right way to criticsms and that can only help bolster both your position, and people’s affection. I guess NOW might be the time to switch?


Plenty of things zipping across the radar, both personal, professional and.. er… what else is there??

Madrid bombings, 70s outfit to be hired, imminent changes to the team at work, redesigning here and there, which supermarket am I?, PHP and mySQL there, must phone bank, must buy milk, best credit card rates, (again?), can I have one CD with both CDA (music) and MP3s? The KLF’s White Room album for free, fax cancellation form, reply to emails, iCapture (see your site in Safari – no, not ON Safari…), Moveable Type? What’s coming up for Blogger?

All this accompanied by 3 hours sleep and a next-door neighbour intent on hammering his way through the adjoining wall.

Pass the paracetamol.

bookmark_borderAnd then..

We talked about it. But I won’t here. Not yet anyway, still too early. Possibilities and change. In fact I’m not sure I’ll talk about it here at all, I mean if it doesn’t happen then what would be the point?

Vague enough? Yes… just…

So onto today, tidy the house, do some shopping, head to the cinema… What to see, what to see…

Or go for a walk. Ugh. Big grey clouds suggest otherwise.

In other news, one of our neighbours is cleaning what was possibly the dirtiest caravan in the world.

Come back later for more from the exciting world of me… riveting stuff this ain’t it…

Whilst I remember, I guess I need to switch to Moveable Type as I really want to start writing about some ‘professional’ topics and some web design thoughts as well. I’m happy to lump them in here with everything else, to a point, but want an easy way to find them later on.

Does anyone have any clever Blogger related ideas that would help?

I was half thinking of some form of meta tagging for Blogger posts but… hmm more thought needed.

Ohh and this has all come to ahead after reading and commenting on this posting by Tom (now, do I add a trackback for this? Or do I wait until I’ve written more on the topic?? What is the current trackback etiquette anyway? And does it matter as it seems that “Popular bloggers borrow from less popular sites with attribution” (via)