Shiny and New

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Despite suggesting that I had, I didn’t actually purchase a 1TB drive the other day. I was perilously close and it was only the realisation that we were getting the bathroom done (and the car needs an MOT) that stopped me. The same basic maths (money in – money out) is what will stop me…

Nota Bene

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Just a quick note to say that there is nothing of note to note here because, like everyone, I’m pretty busy at the moment. I’m heading into a period of 6 day work weeks, from now until the end of June. I’m close to finishing off a website for a client despite a fairly snag…


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As a very old and very wise man once said: “Problems will only occur if someone else fucks up”. Well I’m not sure if he was particularly wise but he was very VERY old. Anyway, it turns out you can’t rename your Car Tax online if you don’t have an electronic MOT. You also can’t…