Scooby who?

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Mystery solved. “Donalda Bint” was in my English class at school, and I’ll leave her anonymity on this site up to her. Was nice to hear from her, and I was instantly transported back to Miss Scott’s class, discussing To Sir With Love, and wondering why Miss Scott was single. Ahhh Miss Scott, why did…



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Note to self: Re-read BEFORE you post. You are missing entire words out of sentences in your haste to post this nonsense, you silly big nincompoop. And as for the grammar… ohh dear Miss Scott would not be amused!


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Look around Britain at the moment, teenage mothers, childish television (I’m with Melvyn Bragg on that one), millions claiming all sorts of ludicrous benefits, and a distinct lack of education. As far as I can see, there are two sides to this problem. Side 1 (Heads) The government is proposing, once again, a new way…