I knew it!

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My dream car is currently featuring in a trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. We saw the trailer in front of Minority Report at the weekend and something just didn’t sit right with any of us.. “Was that an advert?” “Looked like a film trailer, I think…” “Hmmm I dunno” And now it is…


Minority Report

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Movie info from IMDB I’ve let it settle in my head for a couple of days but it made no difference. I really enjoyed this and Tom Cruise was really good! Plot flaws? Of course. Cloy moments? Of course (it is Speilberg after all). Annoying details about how things will be in the future? Of…

Coming Attraction

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5 July 2002 Minority Report.Tom Cruise, Steven Speilberg, story based on a Philip K Dick short story. I think we can chalk this up as a ‘must-see’ (although if it has Tom Cruise in it I don’t usually get the choice, but I will admit he has been improving of late…).