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Recently, over at leisa’s site, I bemoaned the fact that most “web” events and conferences that take place in the UK are centred around London. So imagine my annoyance when I discovered, today, that there is a BarCamp happening in Edinburgh at the weekend.

The day AFTER I made plans to visit family and friends on the very same day.

Bloody typical.

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Movable Type – I’m dabbling with this at the moment for a client, and ye gods it’s … well… different. I’m used to WordPress now and things just don’t seem to make sense the way MT has them laid out. Most odd. Any pointers to good tutorials and the like would be very much appreciated. I’m not looking to do anything particularly code heavy, just a design/template.

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My routine is broken. Already. Two late nights meant that the 6 a.m. alarm was ignored, meaning that, by the time I get into the office, it’s too late to go for a run. That might mean I go out tonight. Maybe.

But it’s AWFULLY wet today.

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My home PC is dying. That may mean a new PC and … Microsoft Vista …

I’m still not sure if I’m that bothered about the OS anymore to be honest. XP has served me well and I’m sure, in time, Vista will be hacked and tweaked to my needs as well. As long as it stays out of the road enough for me to use the applications I need then it’s fine by me.

It’ll definitely be a desktop, not a laptop, and with that in mind, it probably won’t be a Mac.

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Got your “handsfree” headset for your mobile phone? I hope so as they are increasing the fine for using your phone whilst driving AND chucking 3 points onto your license. What a shame it’ll make absolutely NO difference whatsoever.

After all, it’s been illegal to use your mobile phone whilst driving for.. how long now?? Quite a while but I see at least 4 or 5 people a day doing just that.

How to stop them? Don’t double the fine, quadruple it, hell multiply it by 10! And why only 3 points on the license? Why not 9? If you want people to stop doing things, and believe that the only way to do that is by introducing higher fines, then don’t do it half-arsed.