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… whatever that is…

As the week draws to a close my mood is liftening (err… that’d be “lightening” and “lifting”) considerably. I’ve spent the last week facilitating meetings which have the teams looking at how they work and coming up with improvements. To get to the improvements they are asked to consider what went well (with the aim of taking those things forward) and what didn’t go so well (aka “badly”) with the aim of putting actions in place to stop them happening again.

Needless to say, fixing things is a lot harder than dealing with things that already work, so the process can be kinda draining. Looking back on this week (this is the second time I’ve filled this role) is always good, it is productive and useful but it is really tough going. Hence why it’s been so quiet here.

So what else is new?

Well iPhone aside not much just yet, in a finally flurry of gadget related activity we are shelling out for Sky+HD (or whatever it’s called these days). I managed to snag free installation and a half price box through a friends and family thing, and given that our current Sky+ box is on it’s last legs (hard drive is failing, missing recordings and so on) we’d have to pay out anyway.

And aside from that the only other thing I’ve got to say is that if you have a PS3 and are thinking about buying Metal Gear Solid 4… don’t. Unless you don’t mind a “gametime” of 2hrs which includes all of… 20 mins ACTUALLY PLAYING THE FECKING GAME!!!! I had heard there were a few cut scenes but it’s ridiculous. It may suit others, but I just don’t have the patience.

I’m slowly getting through the backlog in Google Reader, but we’ll see how hungover I am tomorrow after our Dev team night out tonight.


So, the past week has been a little hectic.

At work it was the end of a product release cycle which is usually a little busy, I’m preparing to start handling the translation requirements for the product, and I was also (still am!) trying to get a new website up and running (it’s a whole Developer Community thing… well it will be..). On top of that my boss resigned and so we’ve been rejigging things for the new man.

Next week I’ll be facilitating our release retrospective meetings, 10 meetings in 5 days, with most averaging a couple of hours. It’s another thing which is quite draining but fascinating all at once.

Ohh and I’m arranging the next development team night out.

It’s all going well but has taken a fair amount of effort. But in a good way. You know, a sense of satisfaction. Anyway, that’s why it’s been so quiet here this week.

Needless to say I’m a bit wiped out so I’ve got tomorrow pegged to do… well not a whole lot. I’ll be catching up on the blogs, playing a little Metal Gear Solid, I may even read a book.

But enough of that mundane drudgery, there are far far more important things a foot for, this every night I’ve just had a wonderful WONDERFUL piece of news.

My wee sister, she who shares the same cheeky smile that adorns my face, got engaged!!

I’m so chuffed that, even as I type this, I have a big grin on my face and a few tears of happiness welling up. Congratulations Jen and Chris, so happy for you both.