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Ahhh yes, it makes perfect sense now I’ve realised what is going to happen. There is nothing I can do to stop it, so, as I have before, I’ll just go with the flow whilst the madness unfurls around me.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs…

We are waiting to hear if the people who viewed our house a couple of weeks ago are going to make an offer. They are waiting on an offer being made on their property and are expecting it this week.

Which, if we are lucky, will mean that by this time next week we will be agreeing moving dates and so on. All good.

That is until I realised that September is already a very busy month for me. I’m speaking at a conference in the middle of September, have several things going on at work that I can’t drop out of at this point, not to mention a few birthdays to remember (my parents both have birthdays in September). I may also be needing to find somewhere to live, pack the house into boxes, get a van and a man service to help us move, deal with the cancelling of accounts, paying off of debts and everything else that goes along with selling a house and splitting up.

Of course, it might not go that way. It might fall through. I’m trying my best not to get my hopes up.


I’m fairly optimistic. Particularly given previous experiences when life has conspired to bring several things together into a mad mental stramash. But I’ve gotten through those times OK, so I’m sure this will be just the same.

So, if it does all happen, it’s fair to say that September is gonna be just a LITTLE BIT MENTAL! You have been warned.

Solstice. Apples. Metro. Empathy. Remix. Honey. PandoraFM. Rules. Castle.

I could go on of course. But I won’t. Too busy ya see. Funny how it comes in circles. One minute quiet. The next busy. Mustn’t complain though. Bad form if you do. Then what? Reputation erodes, interest dies. Not good. So always happy. Always accomodating. Too accomodating? Too eager to say yes? Too nice? Is that possible? I can’t start being nasty for the sake of it. Ohh am I developing morals? Or did I have them all along and didn’t realise. And if I had them all along, why didn’t someone tell me?

Rambling now, sorry. Better tomorrow when I have more time… except I won’t. Oh well. Nothing changes all the time. Everything constant never. Etc etc etc. What a waffling bore.

Hmmm too introspective? I appear to have lost that tiny thread of reality that I cling to, not really of course. I’m not MENTAL or anything. No need to commit me. Not yet. Wait a bit. Then we’ll see how much it takes to break the bough. The Optimists is what I’m reading, and I’m wondering what kind of effect it’s having on me.

Mind you, I’m almost finished it. So what next? Plenty unread on the shelves. MUST NOT BUY MORE…

MAN, what is IN this coffee??

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