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I’m SURE there was a weekend just there, right? There WAS, wasn’t there? I’m not going mad(der)?

Friday night and I felt well enough to go the pub, and well enough to stay there from 5.30 to midnight drinking Guinness.

What else? Ohh yes, how could I forget! The Christmas tree is now up and decorated and the rest of the house has been given that special festive treatment. Having two nieces over for the night helped mind you, and I’ll fully admit that they were used as slave labour (although slave labour is astonishingly cheap these days, all it took was one spicy chicken and one mushroom and pepperoni pizza!). The only downside is that with the new fireplace, we used a few more bits and bobs decorating it than we had before and so, of course, that means we will need to buy more to fill in some gaps. Mind you, even I have to admit that the dining half of the room is a tad bare.

And I’ve just been accused of being overly ‘jolly’ because I have my Christmas tree up on my desk at work. Humbug to the lot of you!

You see that’s the thing. I don’t mind now. It’s December. I’m quite willing to address Christmas during the month in which it lands. Until that point, though, I’m as humbug as.. ohh I don’t know.. Lyle say.

Sunday and we dumped.. er.. made sure our nieces got the right train (we are presuming as we haven’t heard from their mother that they made it home safely) and then went to see our recently married, and sickeningly tanned, friend. They had a great honeymoon, and even got to attend a wedding whilst they were there.

Home for a light dinner with my parents, who informed us that my sister won an Oscar at her company night out (it was an Oscar themed night, you know the type of thing, Marilyn Monroe handing out champagne, paparazzi waiting at the door and.. em.. Suzi McGuire from Radio Clyde handing out the awards). She won it for “most happy to help” although I think that equates to “biggest suckup” but, hey I could be wrong (it happened once in 1987 I think). Ohh and Jen, Dad sent me a photo of your outfit, very classy (who knew!).

And then, all of a sudden, my alarm is going off and it’s Monday morning.

How was your weekend?

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Quick roundup
Attracted by the picture of Marilyn Monroe I found that lip size is the key to sexual attraction, which is nice to know.
Whilst on the BBC site, I caught up on the rule changes for Formula One for this season.
I also found a link to an item we bought at the weekend which suggests that, despite arranging an induction at a local gym (for Saturday morning), we are getting lazier.
And another item we purchased for £35 in a one day offer at PC World – thanks for spotting that one Dad (ohh and for going to pick it up too).

Elsewhere, Alex has spotted more Galactic Toss Monkeys, Stuart is considering a hiatus (but Vaughan beat him to it), Mike is awfully quiet, probably recovering after the marathon competition he ran (no not ran a marathon…), Meg has a story about a drum to tell you, and I couldn’t agree more with Dan.

Catch up with the rest of you later – probably when I get back home from Daredevil.

P.S. I’m really trying hard to add title tags to my links, have you noticed?

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