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Still here. Busy. Quick post. Feel guilty if I don’t (what’s THAT all about!).

Everyone now knows I’m changing jobs. That’s a bigger relief than I realised.

New TV arrives tomorrow. New TV stand was purchased on Monday night, collected on Tuesday and was probably a factor in the excruciating back pains that kept me off work yesterday and at home today.

You see, I sit at a computer for most of the day, and whilst I’m careful with my posture, I’m sure this was a contributing factor (I’ve been doing extra stuff on the computer at home too). My back was a little sore but not too bad until I tried to lie down. I tossed and turned.. well… squirmed and moaned more like, for an hour or so before the pain got too bad and I woke Louise up.

Now, that’s not something I do. Ever. I tip-toe around if she goes to bed before me, and generally try and make sure I don’t disturb her, which is pretty easy as she sleeps heavily. If I don’t feel well I usually haul myself downstairs and doze on the couch. The last thing I do is wake her up, and no, not because she’s an ogre, because I care!

But this was just too sore, and I had some ibuprofen gel (it was definitely a muscular pain) which I needed her to rub into my back. As she said herself “I knew it was bad as you don’t ever wake me up..”.

It’s a little better today but still a wee bit sore, so I’m limiting my time on the computer.

In other news
My Gran is getting moved out of hospital into a, temporary, home. This is a good thing and the first step in getting her a place in a home nearer my Mum. She’s on the waiting list for one, about 4th from top but needs to wait until.. well.. some of the current residents “depart”.

Louise’s Granda is back in hospital – he’s been in a few times this year with ‘flutters’, as he calls them – but he’s fine. He’ll be out in a few days, right as rain. I need to go up and have a look at his computer, make sure he’s doing this properly. There is only so much you can do over the phone or via email. But hey, he’s not doing so bad for 86.

We are getting new front and back doors in a couple of weeks. It’ll be nice to stand at our front door and not see daylight past the frame.

We are almost finished our Xmas shopping! Well, the stuff for other people that is, I’ve still to get some things for Louise (I know what though, so that’s a start).

And now my back is sore again…


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Not a bad weekend, Saturday morning was spent pottering around the house, Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with the in-laws and a fantastic curry*. Sunday was a bit of a drag though.

We had planned to meet Louise’s Granda for lunch and then drive from there through to Dumbarton. Unfortunately, the in-laws car wouldn’t start (they’d stayed the night) so we had to drive all the way back to our house, get their car started and lost an hour and a half. That, coupled with roadworks on the way through to Dumbarton cutting the motorway down to two lanes AND THEN being stuck behind two “wide load” lorries doing 20mph for most of the way, kind of put the kibosh on Sunday.

Still we had a great barbeque at my parents, I did a couple of jobs for him (that he’s not allowed to do, he’s being really good with this kind of thing), and when we got home I plonked myself on the sofa with a beer and the football.

* If you are ever in the Hamilton area, you MUST try the Bombay Cottage. Sure the diet went to hell for one night but it’s well worth it!

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Five of us in the office, and I’ve only a couple of hours to go as I need to get home by 4pm (ish). We are off out tonight for dinner with Louise’s Granda. It’s a family thing and I’m not sure how it will be, but hey, it’s a free meal!

Unfortunately the sun seems to have gone away after a glorious morning. It’s not often I see much of the early morning on a Saturday, unless we’ve got a busy day planned we usually don’t venture out until around midday. It was quite nice at 8am, now it’s grey, windy and looks cold.

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