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Late-night shopping last night, so Louise came into Glasgow to meet me after work (she was held up because the police had closed London Road, but NOT because of anything traffic related. So why? Heard nothing else about this but we did spot three police officers stopping random cars near George Square, most odd. I digress).

The Pier had a 20% of night, with wine and nibbles laid on, and as usual we saw three or four things we’d like, mainly Christmas decorations, and as usual we balked at paying £13 for a glittery candle. There is some wonderful stuff in that store but it appears to be hand-made and unique such are the prices. None of the things we saw were anything we needed so it was quite nice NOT to buy anything.

We did manage to get a present for my Mum, which makes it four presents down and.. oodles to go. I also managed to remember to take my camera out with me and got a few shots whilst I wandered around, killing time whilst I waited for Louise. I’ll post them up … later!

We only managed a few shops, but a stroll round George Square, with a bag of chips for dinner, was quite pleasant. It’s the one thing I love about living near and working in a big city. People watching. From the young lovers playfully teasing each other, to the elderly couple strolling silently but contentedly around the square, the young women sitting by herself just watching the Christmas lights and the group of women gossiping loudly, I could stroll around Glasgow all day and night.

As of yet I’ve still not managed to crack the ‘taking photos of people’ thing though. I think that is something easier done if you look like a photographer, have a big SLR camera to hide behind, and a large camera bag over your shoulder (the fact that the big is holding your lunch and a couple of books is neither here nor there). My little compact Canon Powershot doesn’t really make the right impression, I don’t think.

Or maybe it’s a confidence thing which will improve over time.

Anyway, it’s payday, cake day and I’ll be handing in my passport renewal application at lunchtime. Seemingly it should only take two weeks to receive my new passport. We fly to Spain in just over five. Should be plenty of time. Right?

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The burst water pipe on London Road and the 20ft high geyser gushing from it (and driving past it in a convertible).

The man in tight yellow outfit, including cap, goggles and headphones, swaggering along Argyll Street making everyone smile and laugh (and I think he was doing it on purpose).

The banana skin outside Central Station, lying in perfect ‘comedy’ position.

The man in his thirties and the woman in her sixties furtively looking around them before kissing. Dangerous liason?

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More specifically, I hate Mondays when I get up early, full of vigour for the dawning of a new day, marvel at the birds singing their morning song, and jump into the car to get to the gym before work. Leaving the house at 7 a.m. wasn’t a hardship this morning, as it was an unexpectedly nice looking morning. As it was early I decided on the motorway route to the gym (round the back of Glasgow on the M8 instead of my usual London Road route).

I hate Mondays when they start off so well, then announce that “Hey, I’m Monday, you’re supposed to be having a crap day” by making a caravan breakdown further up the road, and leaving you snagged in a 7 mile tailback, and making a 20 minutes journey last for 2 hours 20 minutes….

So here I sit, hacked off, unshaven, unshowered (quite clean but I need the shower to wake up in the mornings), and decidely “ungym’d”.

Bloody Mondays.


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