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January draws to a close (already!!) and it is time for me to own up. I’ve been experimenting on you. Sorry about that but, on the bright side, it’s not like some weird alien abduction involving probes and brain washing.

In fact, if I’m honest, it’s only really occurred to me these past couple of days that I’ve been experimenting.

I’ve been posting to this blog for a very long time and it’s fair to say, and indeed I did say it, that my blogging mojo was slowly eroding. To try and see if it was just laziness I decided that I’d try and post every single day for at least the month of January, and then see how I felt.

This is contrary to most of the advice and reassurance I was given, which largely boiled down to the fact that I need only post when I wanted to and that the lovely, smart, beautiful people who read this blog would be quite happy.

Quality not quantity they said.

Pfffftttt, I said.

Which brings us right up to date.

Putting aside the part of me that writes all this for the sheer fun of it, I turn to my stats. Surely with a more regular stream of content, my stats would be on the rise? I may it stands to reason, doesn’t it?

You’d think.

It hasn’t. Not one jot. My average (130 visits a day) remains as it was throughout all of last year. Flat, static, constant.

Mind you, I don’t actually know how many people read the posts via RSS (dear people who make clever website stats thingies, can’t I get ONE single via of all the consumers of my content?). I’m an avid RSS user myself and I know how often, on average, I actually click through to read a website

So I’d like to extend my experiment a little. For today only, could I trouble you, dearest RSS reader, to click through to the website? You don’t have to leave a comment, just load up the website if you read this post.

I’ll post before and after stats, so come on people LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


This post was brought to you by a highly caffeinated beverage.

I stand there, iPod headphones sprouting from my ears, waiting patiently in line. I ponder my role in society, and whether or not what I do, and what I buy, really could have an effect.

I’m in Starbucks, you see, that oft-maligned company (I was going to say ‘institution’ – damn them and their clever marketing) slowly spreading, virus like, across the globe (although I’ve yet to have a bad coffee from there). I know all about their business practises, and always feel that pang of guilt when I wander in. I am a hypocrite, but does that matter? I’m a sellout, but does it make a difference? And on what scale is that difference.

It seems it’s no longer OK these days to do anything without global considerations. I can’t buy Nike because they use sweatshops. I shouldn’t buy from Starbucks as they are putting local coffee shops out of business. I should look harder for that Fair Trade logo.

Honestly, it’s a wonder that I manage to go shopping at all. It’s almost enough to send me to McDonalds for breakfast.

Now I know that it is possible to completely avoid branded products, not buy from anyone or anything affiliated in anyway with a global corporation, but what I don’t get is how much impact I/we can have. What kind of groundswell would it take to reverse some of these trends of globalization? Half the country? It’s that old futile feeling, akin to the “cancer? it won’t happen to me” feeling that pervades society. I’m pretty sure that a lot (most?) people think or feel the same way, so why don’t we DO something? Pah. Apathy sucks.

Do you make a conscious decision to avoid brands, global corporations? Should I re-read No Logo (I can’t recall if it answered this question or not)? Why do I have these kind of thoughts whilst standing in line in Starbucks of all places? And does that say more about me than I care to admit?

On the other hand, it’s Friday. Where are the cakes?

Addendum: The previous sentence says it all I think. I ponder the issue for a while but I’m easily distracted, and LET myself become easily distracted by anything trivial. I don’t really want to answer those questions, to face the reality of the world we live it. It’s just too hard. Especially for a Friday morning.

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