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Friday night – a LARGE meal and a few beers left me feeling a bit bleurgh, but it was a good laugh. Was quite happy to get the last train home for a change.

Saturday – lunch in Perth, absolutely first class meal, then off to Dunkeld to catch the bride and groom emerging from the cathedral, before we headed up to the Hilton for the reception. Very nice place that, right on the banks of the Tay, and the reception was in a marquee out in the grounds. I’ve still to sort through the 200-odd photos we took (although at one point Louise and her brother were having some sort of stupid photo face-off (I’m guessing Paul will win that one)).

Needless to say, being a Hilton hotel, the drinks were a little on the pricey side… I’m still not quite sure what came over me but I definitely recall paying £8.50 for a glass of wine!

And Sunday saw us visit Louise’s Aunt for a spot of lunch. We got home around 4pm to a very affectionate little cat, watched a movie (I am Legend… guff), and generally lazed about until bedtime.

And now it’s Monday. Already.

How was yours?


How to raise your heart rate

Whilst clearing out the garage, including brushing out the corners and ridding the place of cobwebs and numerous spiders, spot a sheet of wood that was once part of what is now your fireplace, grab it from the stack, and spin round, holding it up for your wife to see whilst asking her “can you guess where this came from?”.

When she spots the VERY LARGE SPIDER* on the far side of the wood, the side you’ve just thrust at her in your glee at finding this reminder of your handiwork, she’ll scream. Loudly.

This will prompt you to jump, dropping the piece of wood to the floor, and your heart rate will soar. Simple really.

* You know the type, the ones that don’t run away from you because they reckon, in a tight spot, they could always chew your leg off..

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What a cracking day, I’m nicely pink after spending all day in the garden (which now actually looks like a garden rather than a collection of plants and weeds), nicely full after a nice dinner out with my parents, and nicely prepared to go away on holiday at the end of the week…

Actually, scrap that last one.

You see there is one crucial thing that I’m having trouble with, it’s not the “what to pack” issue (it’s two weeks in a caravan, I’ll be taking shorts, t-shirts and my speedos*), nor the timing, tickets and travel arrangements, no no, it’s much more important than that.

It’s the music.

Let me explain – I’m driving my sister-in-laws estate (car, not 6 acres and stables) down to Torquay while she and Louise and two nieces and a nephew take the train. Obviously I’m going to be in the car on my own for a considerable length of time (10 hours?) and need a good mix of music. I’ve got an iTrip for my iPod and I’ve been pulling together a playlist. Trouble is that the tracks are of varying volume and it’s driving me nuts. What I NEED is a way to equalise the volume on a LARGE playlist somehow.

Any suggestions?

Music wise it’s a mix of upbeat rock tracks, dance tracks, and good old sing along classics, basically anything that will keep me awake – ohh didn’t I mention? I’m driving down overnight so I’ll have my iPod, and several cans of Red Bull to get me from Dumbarton to Torquay.

So, iPod volume suggestions and any suggested “keep me awake” tracks are welcomed. And yes, this week I’ll mostly be yakking on about my holiday.

* I’m kidding of course, I don’t have speedos. I do have a leopard print thong…

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