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Completely missed St.Andrews day. But then we don’t get a public holiday to mark the occasion of our national saint.

Also missed the vote for our “national bird” (I did suggest Kirsty Wark but seemingly they didn’t mean that kind of ‘burd’), with the fiery little Robin coming out tops, beating the lesser seen Golden Eagle into second place. I’m convinced that if more people HAD seen a Golden Eagle in real life it would have triumphed. It is a soaring majesty of a bird, much larger than anything else that shares it’s skies.

Still, what better way to celebrate the passing of time into the month that holds Christmas than to select a bird that will soon be adorning several thousand dead trees. I wonder what Robin thinks of it all?

In other news: I currently have two items for sale on eBay. My old SPV mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset.

And for Firefox users, if you’ve installed any of the extensions I’ve previously mentioned, check for a little green arrow in the top right of the window. Some of them have been updated. Click the arrow and Firefox will download the updates you want and install them for you. Brilliant.

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Here I sit, wondering why. Why haven’t I gone to bed yet? I SAID I was gonna get an early night as it was a real struggle getting up yesterday, but then it’s a real struggle most days at the moment.

And that’s enough of that self-indulgent hoopla.

My Mum emails to correct me (I knew she would) that it was Kirsty Wark NOT Louise Bachelor who interviewed her for the telly UPDATE: Scrub all of that she PHONED this time to tell me to read her emails properly, Louise Bachelor did the interview, Kirsty Wark directed/produced the piece, happy now mother?

However I’ll level the score by reminding her that the reason I didn’t cut the grass on Sunday was because:

“… I spent all day alternating between flicking through magazines, reading a book … and watching a light drizzle outside.”

You know, I think that might be the first time I’ve used an ellipsis correctly.

Anyway, my feet are cold so I’m off to bed. To sleep, pension to dream…

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