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Unlike Route 66 and the N17, no-one has ever written a song about the M74, but there is time for that to change.

With the news that the proposed extension of the “motorway that goes nowhere” is to be built, and naturally that a variety of protest groups are up in arms at the decision (for some good reason), there is a chance for this dead-end of a motorway to grab a share of the spotlight and gain some notoriety.

For those not in the know, the M74 ends in a roundabout (hence the dead-end references) and is mainly used as a link from the M8 on the journey south to England. Before we moved to Hamilton, which sits on the M74, we used it a lot whilst travelling up from Aylesbury, so we know the way quite well.

Perhaps it’s time to break out the visual aids.

Our route on M74

The red dot is Hamilton. The green line is the current route for anyone travelling from the M74 onto the M8, up and round the back of Glasgow and on towards the west. As you can see the proposed extension will cut a large distance from the journey, not to mention avoiding the notorious Kingston Bridge altogether. For that reason, and the fact that the main reason we generally use the M8 is to travel past Glasgow, I think the proposed extension is a wonderful idea.

But then there is the pollution and impact on the environment to consider. One option would be a viable public transport alternative, except there already is one, the trains run from Hamilton through Glasgow to Balloch at Loch Lomond but we car users do like the comfort and flexibility of controlling our own travel times so that’s never really going to be an option for many.

What else to consider? Pollution, impact on the environment? More than three quarters of Scotland isn’t even inhabited. You want fresh air? Move to Auchtermuchty!

If I’m honest, the main thing that annoys me about this entire thing is the guilt tactics employed by the protest groups. I’m fully aware these things will have an impact on the environment but for my own selfish needs I WANT the extension built. It’ll knock about 15 minutes OFF the time it takes to drive through to Dumbarton, something we do every other weekend, and will also mean our car is emitting less and we’ll be using less fuel.

So, to appease my own inner demons, I guess what I really need to do is find where the balance between the impact cost of building the extension is “equalled” by lowering pollution and saving on fuel use. I feel a rough guess coming on… how about year 2063?

Well it’s either that or buy a bike…


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Yes I was slightly nervous, but quietly confident that I knew what I was talking about and that it would show through. Training Strategy presentation to senior management, Vice Presidents and Directors. I think it went well, and prompted a few good questions, but thankfully none I hadn’t considered. Things seem to be moving on and will gather pace over the next couple of weeks I think. Good, good, good. Came out feeling that I had made sense and that the message had gotten across. Score one to me!

Was too tired to even consider turning on the PC last night. So, belatedly…

Was walking to the car last night, the walk talks me along the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow, under the Kingston Bridge. I usually stay on the far side of the road, away from the river, and as I was walking a police car screeched up in front of me on the opposite side of the road, two officers jumped and ran over to the walkway at the edge of the river.

There were a few bystanders already there, and soon they were trying to fish, something? someone? out of the river. I presumed a person and, putting myself in their shoes, I decided not to add to the assembled throng of oglers, and kept walking. A few yards later on, past the point at the edge of the river, curiosity got the better of me and I crossed the road, intent on seeing what it was they were doing.

Unfortunately the curve of the river meant I couldn’t see a thing, no matter how far over the safety railing I leaned. Dammit! Next thing I hear a police powerboat skimming across the water away from the ‘incident’. I couldn’t see a thing.

Lesson to be learned: Never let consideration for others get in the way of your nosiness.

Ohhh and we may have won a holiday. Turns out it might be a time-share scam, but I’m pretty sure I can resist the urge to sign up during a two hour presentation in the likelihood of getting a 5-day, 5-star, break somewhere in southern Europe. I’m comforted by the fact that I can’t afford to sign up to pay ANYTHING, so there is little danger of me succumbing. Ha those fools! They don’t have any bargain chips with me, I’m too skint for that!! Muuwwahhahahahaha..

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