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Seems I may have been a bit wide of the mark when discussing Sony’s new online music service. As the Guardian’s weblog points out:

“…while it would be nice to write off Sony’s proprietary OpenMGX (MagicGate) DRM system, it’s likely to be supported by Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sharp, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, JVC, and Yamaha, which are all part of the Any Music Inc consortium.”

Of course, until we get the first of these services (presumably the Apple Music Store) here in Europe it’s all a bit empty really, although the article hints that despite there being six ‘players’ left, Sony and Apple will end up competing for the ‘other’ spot across from Microsoft.

More info: Japanese audio companies to launch Sony-compatible net music service.

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Completely unrelated to the post below but if I DID have £2700, this little item may appear on my shopping list.

I’ve not got a DVD player, I use my PlayStation 2 for that, mainly because I have around 400 films on video.

Now if only the JVC HR-XV1 had a DVD recorder, I’d be sold!

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