Fellow Followers

Reading time: < 1 min A couple of days ago I Twittered the following “Twitter-verse – recommendations for a Photo Poster service (ie, send them a JPG, they send back a large format ‘poster’ of said photo)“, to which Lyle responded “@gordon : Photobox, although it does depend on the size of print“. Last night I browsed to the Photobox […]

What am I?

Reading time: < 1 min Traffic 32.3 million page views per day 5.5 million unique users per day 120 million unique users a month Content 102 GB of content 3.2 million files total 1.4 million HTML, ASP, and ASPX files 1.2 million GIF or JPG image files Approximately 300 GB of files available for download Content created around the clock. […]

Browser design woes

Reading time: < 1 min I need to spend more time at A List Apart I think as there are a variety of issues I need to address for many browsers. When I started the re-design I did consider other browsers, but after getting nowhere fast for a long time I decided that, as 90-odd% of visitors to my site […]