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OK people, let’s meet!

The first blogmeet of the year will be in Edinburgh, on the 19th May, and the venue will be confirmed closer to the date.

I think the Jolly Judge may be getting a little small for our needs, but of course that depends largely on how many people turn up. As a double bonus, I’ll happily arrange a meeting point for those travelling through from Glasgow.

So if you can make it, please leave a comment so I’ve got a rough ideas of numbers.

For those of you who haven’t been to a blogmeet, here’s some brief notes from the previous few:
May 2005 – Edinburgh
October 2005 – Glasgow
February 2006 – Edinburgh
October 2006 – Glasgow

And finally some popular blogmeet myths dispelled.


Another day, another blogmeet. After spending a couple of hours wandering around Edinburgh, I had the pleasure of meeting some old friends, and some new faces, in the Jolly Judge pub. Amongst a lot of laughing we discussed all sorts – politics, blogging (why?), stats, Edinburgh, and a lot more that I can’t remember. It’s always a bit odd meeting with, essentially, a bunch of strangers, but for some reason it works. Granted there are now a few familiar faces, but this was no different from the last two blogmeets with the conversation leaping all over the place, to a fascinating degree.

Anyway, for the record, I’d like to thank the following people for taking some time out of their weekend:

Unfortunately I had to head off for the last train around 8pm, but it was an excellent afternoon, in wonderful company. If you couldn’t make it along this time, keep an eye out for the next blogmeet.

Some photos taken by Will (on his rather fancy phone).


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I’m on the train, heading for Edinburgh and wondering if I should have charged the spare battery for my camera. Oh well, too late now.

My ultimate destination will be the Jolly Judge pub, and I should be there from just before 2pm until… well… sometime much later. My last train back is at 9.20pm, and there is every chance that, once again, I’ll JUST make it and spend the first few minutes of the journey trying to catch my breath. Ohhh OK, I’ll probably just be recovering when we chug into Motherwell station an hour later.

If you are in Edinburgh and are free anytime after 2pm, feel free to pop along. Bloggers, non-bloggers, friends and family. All welcomed. The pub is near the top of the Royal Mile on the right, and well signposted (it’s between two shops and down a lane).

Hope to see you there and remember, mine’s a Guinness!


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Just a wee post to remind those bloggers in Scotland who enjoy good company and a “light refreshment” or ten, the next blogmeet is but weeks away. February 18th, Edinburgh, Jolly Judge. Kicks off at 2pm, finishes… when the last person leaves! More details on the Scottish Blogs site, and apologies to those who I visited over the weekend, just trying to drum up some interest.

If you are going to come along, please leave a comment on the Scottish Blogs site (or click here). Thanks.


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(and several other far more interesting people)

February 18th, the Jolly Judge pub in Edinburgh, anytime after 2pm (full details). Just thought I’d mention it here lest anyone miss it, and yes I’ve emailed everyone who has attend previous blogmeets. At least I think I did…

Anyway, be there or be the product of a number multiplied by itself (oh yes, you can imagine the ‘witty’ banter already!!).

Blogging Life

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Ohh so much to say, so little of it will make any sense if you weren’t there…

The problem with having fun is how quickly time flies. This was one of many thoughts that zipped across my brain as I trundled homeward on the train, gazing out of the window as the sun set, burning the sky.

In a way I was more nervous about this blogmeet as if only a couple of people had turned up for this one then I doubt if I’d already be thinking about the next one (yes yes, it’ll be Glasgow).

So, without reservation and with a great deal of sincerity I’d like to thank the following for turning up and making the day.. well… bloody great.

Photos from the event will appear here and on the blogs listed above (we’re a surprisingly photogenic bunch, even if I do say so myself).

Ohh and thanks to Richard for posting the list – despite being hugely organised I forgot to take home my notebook with everyone’s URLs written on it! But as David (wee) pointed out, I could have emailed it to myself from his laptop. Oh yes, some geekery was to be had, but I think the balance was pretty good.

Finally a quick note of thanks to the staff and owner of the Jolly Judge. Not only is it a nice pub, but the staff are great and we even got a round of drinks on the house. Very generous!

I’ll leave you now with one question, as asked by Peter: “Which is your favourite blog?” (and you are only allowed one!). That certainly got us all thinking!


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Richard and I had a great time. I guess some better planning and advance notice would have allowed some other people to attend, as would the swapping of mobile numbers with those who said they might come along later in the evening if it was still going.

Cos it was. We ended up in the Jolly Judge, a lovely little pub down a close. Discovered Kronenburg 1664 Blanc (delicious), and got chatting to Kurt and Angela from Birmingham. He was an ex-biker, tattoo artist, and she giggled a lot. It was a fun evening.

Wobbled my way back to Glasgow on the train at about 9.30pm, quite drunk and in very good spirits.

As Richard says, that’s 100% improvement on the last blogmeet, one which I originally had said I’d go to but couldn’t, so for the next one we need TWO more people to turn up to keep that trend. Not sure when it’ll be, but I’m already thinking Spring at some point.

We did also ponder heading to Leith to surprise someone in their local, but we weren’t sure if Peter would appreciate the sentiment. 😉

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