Laughing is good

It's fair to say that we are both fairly stressed with the ongoing 'lack of kitchen' saga, so it's been good to have a hearty chuckle over the past couple of days. The cat flap we fitted for Ollie is working fine. It uses a magnetic lock to stop just any old feline wandering in,


This post is entirely to save my own sanity. Feel free to skip it but if I don't write all this down my head will explode. Today I await the arrival of a new kitchen worktop and need to visit the doctor (well the nurse) to get my blood pressure taken again. I've been pretty

The one where I don't read any books

Some wise person once said "Best laid plans are soonest avoided". Admittedly it may have been me... My weekend was hiijacked by shopping (whilst we waited on the electricians finishing) so I have a couple of new shirts, a night out with our friends (and rather delicious steak!), and a car boot sale which included


Back to work tomorrow, as I feel almost human again. Still a little tired but I can cope with that as I'm no longer (as of yesterday) falling asleep halfway through the afternoon. It's good timing as the next few days are going to be hectic. The kitchen fitters arrive tomorrow so last night we