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We didn’t watch the Watchmen at the weekend, we talked about it but couldn’t be arsed. And I think I’m quite glad. I’m not sure though.

The internets are rife with reviews of this movie. Most of the ones that fall into my view are written by fans of the graphical novel and are quite strident in their opinions.

“Fans” is, of course, short for “fanatics” which should give a better idea of where most of these reviews seem aimed. Many point out the omissions, the inconsistencies and generally the fact that the movie misses the nuances the graphical novel handles so well.

To which I say, “Well DUH”.

No offence but it’s a bit like saying that the way I play Purple Haze isn’t anything like the Jimi Hendrix version. No-one seems to have the same issues with song cover versions, but book to move adaptations (book cover versions, if you will) seem to rile so many people in so many ways.

I do want to see the movie but I might wait until I can watch it at home. I’d hate to upset any fans on the way out of the cinema by stating that I thought it was “quite good”.

That and the big blue cock might be a little off-putting on a large cinema screen…


Louise is doing well, a bit sore but in good spirits otherwise. Ohh and of course she is now minus her gall bladder. She should be home tomorrow, can’t wait.

And, in light of any time to actually find out what is going on in the rest of the world (spent most of the day sitting with her, watching her drift in and out of consciousness), I give you this awful joke (via my sister).

<bad joke>

A guy walks into a bar with an octopus. He sits the octopus down on a stool and tells everyone in the bar that this is a very talented octopus.

“He can play any musical instrument in the world.”

Everyone in the bar laughs at the man, calling him an idiot. So he says that he will wager £50 to anyone who has an instrument that the octopus can’t play.

A customer walks up with a guitar and sets it beside the octopus. Immediately the octopus picks up the guitar and starts playing better than Jimi Hendrix. The guitar owner
pays up the £50.

Another customer walks up with a trumpet. This time the octopus plays the trumpet better than Miles Davis. The trumpet-owner coughs up the £50.

Then Jim, a Scotsman plonks some bagpipes on the table. The octopus fumbles with the bagpipes for a minute and then backs off with a confused look.

“Ha!” the Scot says. “Can ye no plae it?”

The octopus looks up at him and says,
“Play it? I’m going to f@*k it as soon as I figure out how to get its pyjamas off!”.

</bad joke>

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I have developed the strange habit of getting up early over the last few days. I was in work at 7:30 this morning (and was actually working as well). I know it’s partly because Louise was off this week, so I could get up and leave when I wanted to, but I’ve been going to be at about the same time, yet don’t feel as tired as I usually do. Last night I must’ve fallen asleep between 11:30 p.m. and midnight, yet when my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. I was up like a shot. Strange…

Does anyone else hear things in the middle of the night? Then spend about 15 minutes convincing yourself that, no, no-one is sneaking your widescreen TV out the door, or rifling through your CD collection?(Wham? Bananarama? Next to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan? Weird).

And finally, anyone got any good recommendations for new CDs? I seem to be stuck in a rut of back filling my collection and playing safe. Was in FOPP for about 20 minutes last week, they had a CD playing, never heard of the band/guy/gal/whatever but I decided against buying it. Since when did I play so safe? Instead I left with a replacement for the Kravitz album Let Love Rule (once borrowed, never returned) and.. crap I can’t remember what else I bought! See, that’s how staid my CD collection is. Actually I think I’ll go back to FOPP today and splash out, be extravagant, and buy some NEW music.

Oh and we’re off to see Lord of the Rings tonight, again. Only second time, but hopefully should catch more of the background stuff and will continue to try NOT to notice the CGI bits that still don’t quite work – usually prompting my beloved to punch me in the leg when I point them out. The cinema, such an interactive, and painful, experience.

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