Jack of all Trades

If you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables, you must not give a damn about protein is Jeffrey Zeldman's response to (amongst others) Standard Angst by Greg Storey.Zeldman's point is one I can empathise with. It's very similar to my professional job in approach, as these days, designing for the web encompasses a myriad of distinct


The man, the iconoclast (OK maybe I should look up the real meaning in a dictionary but you get my point) tips his hat my way. It is an strange experience, seeing a mail in your inbox from 'Jeffrey Zeldman'. Almost like someone playing a bad joke on you. I'm sure he's a down to

Thinking of

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: My Glamorous Life - Heartfelt sympathies to a man I've never met or conversed with. May the time go peacefully.