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New Year has long since passed but it’s only now that I’m going to start focussing on the year ahead. With being away in Spain earlier in the month, and our nephew turning 18 – celebratory dinner/pissup this weekend – we’ve not really been looking any further than the end of this month.

So what will 2005 hold? As ever the battle against the flab will be fought, although this year we are both determined in a way we’ve not been before. We both need to diet and both understand that you really need to have your head in the right place for a diet to work. Sure you can manage a week or three of controlled eating and exercise but all it takes is a minor event and you fall off the wagon (leaving a large dent in the road) and no matter how much you promise yourself you’ll “start again on Monday” you never do. I think, even though we’ve not really discussed it, we are both waiting until this weekend is over to start the diets – although I am tempted to dig out the elliptical trainer (yes yes, “my ellipses need trained” – it’s been done already!) on Wednesday so I can whir away the hours watching Man Utd vs Chelsea. We’ll see.

I guess I could claim to have initiated another aim – I setup my (musical) keyboard at the weekend. It’s been standing on it’s end for the last year, gathering dust and occasionally I was sure I could hear it whimpering (in Cminor). I’ve found a few sites where I can.. er.. acquire sheet music, and received a Jamie Cullum book for Christmas so.. really.. I’ve not got an excuse.

I also expect that I’ll discover even more new music this year and I’ll try and couple that with some more good books (note to self: get that list of ‘to be read’ done and get them stacked up!). We are also trying to get back into the ‘cinema’ habit as our UGC cards just ain’t paying for themselves at the moment.

There is more, of course, but I’ll keep that under my hat for the meantime (no I’m NOT trying to generate interest I just don’t wanna say here, m’kay?). So, roll on February 2005. I think I might just be ready for you.

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Did The Darkness deserve their awards? When will we hear the promised collaboration between Jamie Cullum and The Neptunes? Are Dido, Daniel BeDING!field and Busted the best we can offer… really??

And, more to the point, how hot was Scarlett Johansson. I’m developing a serious crush, and she could soon join Lisa Snowdon, Helena Christensen, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce in my all time top 5, Kylie had better watch out.

In saying that, Ms.Johansson didn’t come across too well in the little ‘after-show’ bit with the ubiquitous Kate Thornton (currently languishing in 7th spot) but Jamie Cullum did:
“Are you drunk?”
“err.. yeah.. are we live? Ohh Jesus Christ….”

I especially liked the way he re-appeared with a bottle of champagne and glasses for everyone. That boy will go far.

This post was brought to you by the noise PHWOAARRR and Google.

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Cold, wet, grey, miserable.

The perfect day to stay at home and catch up on some watching.. Series 4 of Sopranos anyone?

In reward for yesterday’s cleaning/tidying efforts I was allowed out to the cinema… kidding. I was dragged out to see the latest blockbuster by Mr.Cruise (Mrs. McLean is a life-long fan, all the way back to Risky Business). I’ve come to accept these events as part of the compromise of marriage.

So The Last Samurai. A simple enough story of good versus evil. But more so, as I have to say that Tom Cruise is beginning to develop into a very good actor. I think the subject matter of the film helps, as does the script, but that shouldn’t detract from a very watchable movie. The battle scenes are very well done, and the emotional involvement is nicely handled as well. Recommended.

Other than that, things are still on track in 2004. Books are being read (books in the house that I’ve not read, despite owning for most of last year = 18), keyboard is setup (bought for Christmas 2002 and played, maybe once… I think I’ll pick up some Jamie Cullum next), and dieting is on track. Need to up the exercise ratio but that’ll improve with the weather.

Yes, I’m feeling very organised. Pity I’ve not gotten anywhere near this list yet.

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