Spaghetti blognese*

Furtling around for inspiration I ran a few standard blogging fallbacks through some mental checks. Too busy because - nope, did one of those recently. Interesting referrers - my stats are way down as it is so I've been avoiding looking at my stats at all. Ohhh, actually that might be a topic I could

Being a moron is hard

The world is full of them and the internet gives them a voice. They are a specific breed, not just your everyday idiot, they wait for a target to pass and FIRE their salvos of ludicrous suggestion, usually firing so wide of the mark you wonder if they are aiming at something else. I really


Changed the dressings on my back yesterday and Louise took pictures of my wound. Still slightly open with two stitches, gross. Explains why it's as sore as it was, I had no idea how deep they had to go... which reminds me, must take some painkillers before I go to bed. ~ So Scotland lost

Blog to the Future II

The one where the space-blog continuum almost gets disrupted.I've posted and written about many things but none have a hit the nerve that my recent posting about the future of blog linking (aka the future of blog cliques) seems to have.Firstly, thanks to everyone who commented, I did read every comment, and decided to post