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You work to live, not live for work. This can be construed the wrong way, and frequently is abused. Also, for many, many people, if they are not happy at their work, they aren’t happy anywhere else. Job satisfaction is a rare thing, but is achievable, and helps push companies to new heights – presuming it is given the chance to develop and contribute.

House-warming party on Saturday night. Spent stupid amount on food last night, and will have to go back for more. Still to buy booze. Still to finish wiring the stereo, still to finish… ERK! It’s Wednesday already!!!!

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I love this state of mind. It’s Wednesday and I’m not quite sure the date. It’s amazing how easily I’ve slipped out of work mode. I suppose sitting about doing nothing is helping though. Mucho relaxo. I’ll be working on the new design this afternoon, and would imagine it will be done for the end of the week. I’m also working on a skin for NextStart at the moment. Whistler style. Nothing new, but it fits my current WindowBlinds skin.

Excellent weekend BTW. A couple of drinks on Saturday – we are still deciding what will be our ‘local’ and the obvious choice is straight across the road – (I can see it if I lean back in my seat). Parents appeared with Sunday dinner (M&S food court stuff.. yummy!) and we nattered for ages. Excellent. Must do it more often.

October 29th is now etched in my brain. Seeing S and the baby (and A and the cat of course…).


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