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It’s Monday morning. Ain’t that great! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, a light breeze ruffles the leaves in the trees. Ain’t life grand.

If you want to achieve a similar outlook on a Monday morning simply follow these instructions – they worked for me:
1. Ensure your personal listening device (iPod) is playing something loud and uptempo – Foo Fighters, All My Life was on mine.
2. Start thinking about what your day holds as you finish the short walk from the station to your office.
3. Glance round as you start to cross the road.
4. Spin round suddenly as you realise you’ve just stepped out in front of a large lorry, which is moving quite fast.
5. Revel in the adrenalin rush as your heart reaches 250 b.p.m.


Feel free to alter the specifics of the instructions, you could be walking to the shop, it could be a road sweeper rather than a lorry (although that wouldn’t really be that scary now would it…), just remember that the main aim is to get that adrenalin flowing, raise your heartbeat, leave a tight, sicky feeling in your stomach and a slight tremor in your hands.

Then all you need to do is wobble into work, plonk yourself down and enjoy the rest of your day life.

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Sport 24 Monday
Well it certainly was a big sporting weekend. But that’s enough about that…

Did you watch it? What do you think? Who is the bad guy? What is the Secretary of State up to? Can we trust George this time around? How hot is Jack’s daughter now… oops.. sorry true colours and all that… Good start to the series though and I resisted the temptation to watch the next episode on BBC Three, although if they keep doing that then of course I will probably succumb at some point.

And so it’s Monday, although having done a couple of hours work at the weekend it doesn’t feel quite so bad. Nah, rubbish. It’s Monday. They’re ALWAYS bad!

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Wouldn’t it be better not to discuss a forthcoming re-design and just do it (tm I think…?) a la http://www.kottke.org.

Also – why do I think my site needs to be ‘cool’ and ‘design-ey’. Hmmmm.

It’s Monday, I could tell when I woke up and the hassles at work only confirmed it for me…oh and it rained.


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