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I, Robot

Isaac Asimov meet Hollywood. Hollywood meet Isaac Asimov.. ohh HOW rude!!

Will Smith in yet another big blockbuster movie, ohh and he gets his bum out in this one. Ohh yeah, the story.. robots good, man bad.. robots might be bad, man good?.. robots .. man.. look, go read the book the film is based on.

In saying that, the movie rips along from action scene to action scene and is very well produced, and the effects are jaw droppingly effective to the point that you do actually forget that one of the robot characters isn’t actually there (achieved by having the actor who voiced him actually appear in the scene then digitally replacing him). For it’s type it is good, and worth a watch. I’d warn against expecting anything ground breaking but then, you weren’t expecting anything like that, were you?


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First of three days off and it’s chucking it down, bang go the planned tasks for the garden.

Instead I’m finding that Bloggerheads has called it a day (you really MUST watch his parting shot), and that I should’ve read some Isaac Asimov. I’ve no idea why I didn’t to be honest.

Right, I’m off to veg in front of the TV watching daytime telly… but not before I answer a burning question: Should I get dressed or spend the day in my dressing gown?

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