Friday night. Comic Relief. Laughing at the Prime Minister, not laughing at Gervais, bed at 10pm.

Saturday. Rugby. Apologies to Ireland (but they did beat Pakistan at cricket). Bed by 10pm.

Sunday. Mother’s Day. Made Mum cry (in a good way). Visited Gran. Bed by 10pm.

Today. Can finally breath through nose. Just.


A stop/start weekend. Saturday saw us heading into Hamilton for some more supplies for Louise, a quick jaunt out to MacArthur Glen shopping outlet (more supplies for Louise) and then racing through to Dumbarton in an effort to beat the traffic that was sure to build up for the Cup Final on… um… Sunday. Thankfully my parents had also thought the Cup Final was on Saturday so I was glad it wasn’t just me… or I was slightly disturbed that I’ve started thinking a little TOO much like my parents… jury is still out on that one.

We caught up with my sister-in-law in the evening. She’s recently decided to put her university course on hold and it was good to see her looking stress-free and relaxed. She hates when I say stuff like this but I still have no idea how she manages to bring up four children (on her own), hold down a part-time job AND study and work for a degree. I admire her more than she realises, and certainly far more than I can express.

Needless to say with everything that has happened in our family over the past six months or so (only the major one was reported here) she was at the end of her tether. Thankfully the university administrators gave her the option of coming back next January to continue her course.

Sunday and whilst I flitted between computer and TV, Louise pushed on with the wedding invitations she has been making and has the bulk of the work completed. Photos will follow (for her site).

So, with another good Grand Prix passed, the week looms large and busy. I have one site to finish, another to wireframe, and all that Scottish Blogs stuff to look at (which I’ll admit has been pushed on the back burner for the time being). All I can say is, roll on April!


A quick word on the Commonwealth Games. I’m not following them in great detail, but I did note that Scotland won another couple of gold medals yesterday, and the Isle of Man won their first gold for 20 years. Bravo indeed.

I also have to mention the rugby. Congratulations to France, and well done Ireland for a thrilling win over England. To all my english readers, yes he DID step on the line, yes Cohen DID NOT step onto the field of play when he took the quick throw-in to himself but that isn’t why you finished so low in the table. Crying about it won’t change that fact.

And so, in closing, I’ll say “Congratulations” to the English ladies team who won their Six Nations tournament. Of course, it would be churlish of me to suggest that they probably wouldn’t have been mentioned on BBC Breakfast News this morning had the men’s team won… right?

bookmark_borderTime flies

Didn’t venture over the door yesterday, not even to put the bins out. Awful weather, cold wind, driving rain, yeuch.

So we stayed in, Louise made some cards, I hacked on with a mockup of a site (one of two on the go at the moment), and gave a little more thought to the seminar on Blogging and Communities I’ve been asked to present at. The initial nerves have subsided and whilst previously I’d been worrying that I wouldn’t be able to fill the 45 minute slot, my main concern now is that 45 minutes may not be long enough!!

Ohh and lest I forget, I’d like to thank mike for his generous help, very much appreciated indeed. I may already have thanked him but if that’s the case, better to thank twice than not at all!

Louise made a very interesting comment the other night, concerning my current employers. She said that I must be enjoying things there because I was working later than usual. And she’s right. Partly because we have a new toy in our department – AuthorIT, a single source publishing tool – and partly because I’m finally getting into the new (upcoming) version of our core product and actually learning new things. Previously I’d been ‘stuck’ on updates to the current, released, products which was proving less than challenging, and more than boring. All’s good now though, our new stuff is bloody smart… but enough of that. I don’t talk about that here!

Rugby yesterday and I thought the Italians were going to do it… until England clicked up a gear and predictability returned. However the game itself wasn’t particularly enthralling, unlike the try-fest that was France vs Ireland. I’m so glad I watched the second half though, as the first half was awful and at times made it hard to believe this was international rugby I was watching.

It’s all looking nicely setup for what could be the deciding game of the tournament – France vs England. Hard one to call for, as ever, if the French get their running game going early then I think England will be in trouble as they are still a little too reliant on their front rows. Then again Wales showed that if you try and go around the front rows, England just drop back and offer a sold white line through which it’s bloody hard to break. Intriguing though it may sound, I’d be less than surprised if the game itself is a boring kick-a-thon. Isn’t it always the way?

Well a long week stretches ahead of me, I’m hoping to get a couple of things out of the road as soon as possible as I’m currently breaking my own rule of “one job at a time”. On the other hand there are opportunities to which you just can’t say no, it’s just unfortunate they’ve all come at the one time. Not that I’m complaining. Honest.

How’s your weekend?

UPDATE: What a cracking game of rugby, open, free-flowing and full of passion. Well done to Wales for a professional performance and well done to the Scotland team for playing with such heart and passion.


So Chelsea have won their first trophy. I have to admit to taking a shine to their manager, he may be arrogant but there always seems to be a wee twinkle in his eye. If nothing else he’s a tad more exciting than Arsene Wenger. The king of ranting will always be Sir Alex though, who can forget his rant just after his Aberdeen side had WON the Scottish Cup when he said he was disgusted at the way his team had played. Barking, obviously.

Enough of football. Let’s talk about the rugby. Scotland scraped a win against Italy, Wales destroyed France in a fantastic second half and I didn’t see Ireland beating England.

Indulge me for a minute will you – “Ireland beating England”. Ohh that feels good.

Anyhoo, more awards tonight and, as is tradition, my wife will be watching the Oscar ceremony. If Jamie Foxx and Hilary Swank don’t win the best actor and actress awards, respectively, then something is seriously wrong. As for the other awards, I’d have to say Million Dollar Baby should sneak Best Picture, but Martin Scorcese should nip the Best Director award from Clint Eastwood. Cate Blanchett MUST win for her turn as Katherine Hepburn but I’m not sure about Best Supporting Actor. I’d like to see Morgan Freeman get it as I he is very rarely bad in any movie I’ve seen him in but having not seen Closer I can’t comment on the Clive Owens performance.

I’d also expect the Cinematography award to go to The Aviator – if you’ve seen it you probably noticed how the film slowly developed more and more vivid colour matching the progression of the film industry at that time. It was quite subtle but very effective – bit like the muted tones of Saving Private Ryan, or the green tones used in The Matrix trilogy.

Of course as is usual I’ve not even had the opportunity to see some of the nominated movies in the cinema yet so it’s always a bit odd to try and make these kind of predicitions. Of course we shouldn’t forget the fact that this is all one big love-in for the Hollywood set – I wonder if Imelda Staunton will enjoy it?

bookmark_borderSt.Patrick's Day

“Eternal is the fact that the human creature born in Ireland and brought up in its air is Irish. I have lived for twenty years in Ireland and for seventy-two in England; but the twenty came first, and in Britain I am still a foreigner and shall die one.”

George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

Set an alarm
It’s almost here, and I’m getting excited already…
24 – new series.

Right off to watch Scotland thrash Ireland at Murrayfield.