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There is little else to mention here today as everything else pales into insignificance. Draft posts have me pondering the moaners of the world and listing pet peeves, all of which seems so petty.

Remembrance Sunday seems old-fashioned and trite at times but fundamentally it is worth taking time not to remember but to consider.

The life we live in 2007 bears little to no resemblance of that in either of the World War eras. Much has changed and it is all too easy for us to forget, or worse, to stop teaching the lessons learned.

The conflict in Iraq is all that should be needed, the war on terror may invoke different thoughts yet it too remains a conflict. Men will die for their cause, exploits and bravery beyond anything I’ll ever know will continue.

I studied history at school, and have some understanding of the horrors of war. I have no idea how I would react if placed in such a situation, it is unlikely I ever will.


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


Role of the blog is a fun little article by the BBC News website. I’ll pull out a few quotes and let you all have a little giggle, shall I?

In their eyes, those bloggers at the US political conventions ceased to be bloggers the moment they accepted their accreditation.

“What began as a spontaneous eruption of populist creativity is on the verge of being absorbed by the media-industrial complex it claims to despise.”

Yes, it’s true I DO despise it, he says, twiddling his waxed moustache Dick Dastardly style.

In any case, as bloggers rarely go out and about, many of those who comment on the world at large get their information from mainstream news sources.

OK I KNOW they are talking about political news blogs but just a paragraph or two before they mention Salam Pax, remember him? That bloke who blogged through the invasion of Iraq? I’m pretty sure he was blogging from first hand experience.

Nonetheless, hacks remain safe in their jobs for the time being. The number of people reading even the most influential online diarists is tiny – the top political blog receives just 0.0051% of all net visits, according to figures from web influence ranking firm HitWise released this year.

I wonder what percentage the BBC News website gets in comparison to, say, playboy.com?

Sorry, I just can’t take this kind of lazy journalism seriously. What say you?

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Warning: this post will NOT induce a cheery happy persona.

So, Bush has made his address and assured people that “as Germany and Japan can attest, we are liberators”. Nice touch there.

Then you read that the U.S. is Planting WMDs in Iraq, and that gets you wondering.

Then you are sent a link, from an increduluous friend, to the Project for the New American Century which contains some cherry-picked articles offering the viewpoint that (and I may be paraphrasing here) President Bush is a demi-god and we are all very lucky he is here.

THEN you wonder why people keep asking you if you are planning to have children. Into THIS world? I think not.

(I was going to add a lot more to this, but it’s very much a list that, once started, would never really end… although that is maybe the point…)

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As ever, the BBC News website realises that it is not just it’s job to tell the news but to make sure people understand what is going on.

Recent pictures from Iraq have shown the men taking to the streets, beating their chests, holding up clay discs and hitting pictures of Saddam with their shoes. All of these have significant meaning and are typically alien to non-Muslim Westerners like myself. Decoding Iraq’s symbols of celebration is a useful guide to these actions.

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Yes I know the war in Iraq has started.
No I don’t really want to talk about it on here. There are many thousands of other blogs that will/are doing that.

I will mention it in passing no doubt but I am steering clear. Mainly because I don’t know who to believe or trust, and ultimately innocent people WILL die and whilst that is the reality of war I’m just not sure WHY this war is happening. Do we believe ‘our’ (western) media? Do we believe reports coming from Baghdad?

So if you want non-media coverage and opinion of the war, may I suggest you visit these sites: Michele at ‘a small victory’ – offering an American anti-war/Bush viewpoint. Raed in Baghdad – who I hope survives the war. Of course if you are pro-war there are sites for you too but I really don’t want to waste my time (and opinion) finding them for you.

Update: Though pro-war, Carey is such a charming and wonderful personality that one would do well to at least acknowledge his existence.

Happy now my friend? 😉

And in other news…
Jez gets a ‘real’ domain for Jezblog.

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