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I love it when it happens, especially as my muse seemed to have escaped me recently. Admittedly it did mean I was up until 1.30am but such is life. I know that when I get into that mode the worst thing to do is stop.

What am I talking about? That ‘lightbulb’ moment, the fulcrum of a project where suddenly everything falls into place (kerchunk) and you start to see how it all works. I had one last night, the muse returned and 9pm turned into midnight in the blink of an eye.

What it does mean is that the Scottish Blogs website has moved on a fair bit, and I’m almost ready to properly open the BETA to the existing members – you guys got a sneak peek. It also means that I can move onto other websites that I’ve been neglecting, HRL and Instant Ideas (site down at present) for example. Although to be honest, I think once I get Scottish Blogs completed I’ll take a break from all this web design malarky. For a week or so anyway…

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Toying with a re-design. Not sure why as I’ve done very little with this site for a while now, I think my interest has fizzled out for the time being. Also AGAIN toying with doing some more WinAmp skins, and keeping promising to finish some documentation for geoshell, but still not got around to it. Also need to update the HRL website, and Instant Ideas, and ohhh man, I really can’t be bothered. It’s much more fun sitting surfing for porn, don’t you think?

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Tonight, tonight (damn Phil Collins again…or was it Genesis, and why am I getting such a sense of deja wotsit as I type this?).

Gonna tidy up the re-design – it’s gone through 3 or 4 iterations, and is almost there. Just need to make it a better cleaner, and double-check all the styles and links work. On past history I’ll say it’ll be posted on Saturday…which one though!! Ohh how witty am I….

Ohhh and I have a little update for Instant Ideas. A site which still gets about 50 – 100 hits a week. A site which gets updated every… oh… 3 months? Go figure…


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I enjoy working with computers. It may be sad, but it is true. I will quite happily sit for hours on end, tweaking a database design, updating a website, designing a skin etc etc. I don’t play games on it much. Recently though, it’s been taking over a bit. I’ve been spending more and more time on it, neglecting the important things.

At the moment I have this website, Instant Ideas (a resource for hospital radio in the UK), and the Hospital Radio Lennox website which needs drastically updated. We have a couple of databases for our CD’s and video’s and I’m planning one for MiniDisc as well. I am in the midst of creating skins for WinAmp and WindowBlinds to match the various default colour schemes that are supplied with geOShell (my latest find), and I am coordinating the documentation team for geOShell. This is just in my spare time…

Now, the database stuff isn’t a priority, neither are the skins, the website stuff needs doing once every week or so, and the documentation shouldn’t take too long. In theory. However I still sit, night after night, bashing away at the keyboard.

So far, I’ve managed to keep most of my promises – the exercise and weight thing fluctuates, so it’s time for another one. I need to be more upbeat. More lively. Do more!

The Ta’i Chi class will help, and we are going to start exploring the local pubs. We are both afraid of turning into an ‘old married couple’. Some aspects of that are nice, but it doesn’t sit well with us.

So from here on out, updates to this site will be fewer, and long term it may disappear altogether – I no longer feel the need to rant, rave, and generally bore you all with the workings of my mind, and I no longer think it benefits me. I’m not sure though, we’ll see.

Upbeat will be the way, the attitude and the manner. Fingers crossed.

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