Tag: <span>Incredible Hulk</span>

I’m not a big thinker. I’m a big planner and ponderer but largely, when it comes to thinking, I tend to avoid it at all costs.

As such, a lot of my decisions can seem quite rash to some people. I’ve certainly not spent much time pondering things like the purchasing of houses or cars, instead they tend to be quick decisions, and I’ll be honest and say that such a policy has bitten me in the arse.

It was a flat we bought in Aylesbury, it was big, slightly oddly laid out and need a fair amount of work to get it into shape. Oh well, live and learn.

As I lay on the sofa and drifted in and out of a rather nice doze, I found myself thinking about thinking and specifically whether I should do a little more of it. And then I realised I wasn’t some eccentric toff who could afford such luxury and so I decided to watch The Incredible Hulk, who is quite that, both incredible and a hulk.

It is a thought though, isn’t it.

I pity those people who think, the philosophers of our time, those who ponder BIG issues with no real answers. Or those who ponder the hidden depths of the current in vogue diety (hmmm, is there a reason that’s very close to being “diety”? is there a link between faith and fat?).

Now, some of you may argue that not enough people think so let me clarify one thing.

Just because I don’t think, doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Just that I know better than to think that thinking solves anything. Right?