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Early this year I started using Google Mail to monitor my three busiest email addresses. It’s a system that has been working well, allowing me to respond to emails during the day if required. Essentially I’m using Google Mail as a temporary “email checker”.

This system has a downside though.

I’ve got Google Mail set to leave the emails on the server, as there are some emails I want to be able to store on my home PC, but there are many others that will just be deleted.

So, what I really want is to be able to delete emails in Google Mail, and have the deletions reflected on the mail server. That way, when I go home at night, I only need to download the emails I want to store.

Make sense? If it does make sense, is it possible?

Of course the easiest thing would be for me to just use Google Mail fulltime. I could easily setup a new mailbox for any emails that simply HAVE to be stored locally (things like House Insurance claims and whatnot, I’d want them locally so I can still access them if I lose my internet connection), so there is a workable solution there.

I fear I may have answered my own question, but any other thoughts, suggestions or considerations are, as ever, more than welcomed.

The fact that Google has just opened access to Google Mail for everyone (no more invites required) is purely coincidental.