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Congrats to our HR/Office Manager Lynn who’s just given birth to 8lbs of baby goodness, Robyn.

Which reminds me of a funny story.

In my distant past I used to help out at the local Hospital Radio station (must get that site updated…) on the request show. It’s a fairly simple setup, you wander round the wards, chat to some patients and take requests for their favourite record. The maternity wards were always a favourite – younger patients, hotter nurses… er… more modern music choices – and so it was one night that we headed back to the station, requests in hand.

Now much as I’d like to give the impression that it was a highly organised setup it was usual more a case of rushing back ten minutes before the show started, looking out the first few tracks and jumping on air without much thought. Hence the reason the show, that night, started with the opening line of:

“Welcome along to the request show, we’ve got a stack of requests to get through tonight, so let’s get started. First up, a request for Nancy in Ward 5 from her husband. He’s so delighted that she’s just given birth to a baby Robin…”

Cue fits of giggles.

Still makes me chuckle.


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I remember going on a management training course and taking a Belbin test. It’s designed to help you create a perfectly balanced team with the right mix of ideas people to “do-ers”. I think I was pegged as the type of person who takes an idea and expands on it, plans it then hands it on to be completed. Obviously this is a theoretical model and most of us will have had to play one or more of these roles at any given time (ohh ok, we’ve all been ALL those roles at once).

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about but it popped into my head.

Remember when I bought www.gordonmclean.co.uk and www.gordonmclean.com, well I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them since then and have finally decided. You’ll not that the idea phase took ages, and the planning stage has taken me all of 30 mins.

So here’s how it’ll all break down:
1. http://www.snowgoon.co.uk will remain the URL for the blog, forever and ever, amen.
2. gordonmclean.co.uk and gordonmclean.com will point to a ‘homepage’ – remember them!

The homepage will link out to all my sites, including this one, Scottish Blogs (planned quickly, still in development, can you see a pattern forming here?), my Photo Gallery which will be under it’s own sub-domain, and Hospital Radio Lennox. I’ll probably put the more ‘me’ centric stuff there and link to it from here (probably move the About page and some other bits and bobs).

Why? Well this here page is getting awfully cluttered and needs tidied up.

So, that’s that planned then. Expect all this to happen sometime in 2006.

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Written on Wednesday…

Remember this? (both are internal links, don’t bother clicking them…)

Well it turns out that, some 14 years after Hospital Radio Lennox, I’ll be back on the airwaves. Nationally!!

The BBC Scotland Arts Show is doing a feature on blogging and I’ve already recorded my ‘bit’. Still to find out when it’s to be broadcast but … well.. to be honest, the experience was all a bit weird. Not bad weird, just odd weird.

I was conscious that, normally, I speak to fast and mumble too much, so I was pro – nun – ciating more carefully than normal (bit like when we moved to England…). Add to that the fact that 99% of the population sound different when they are reading something as opposed to when they are being interviewed and I’ve come over all queasy about it. Of course I should’ve prepared a bit better, especially when discussing Scottish Blogs but had a bit of a bomb dropped on me last night (well a hand grenade I guess and I’ve been watching the pin get pulled out for weeks… but it wasn’t anything I could really prepare for…)

However the researcher was very nice and friendly (hi Vivienne!) and I’m sure, once edited, I may even sound like a coherent human being. Well fingers crossed anyway…. I’ll let you all know when it’s scheduled to be broadcast and being the egocentric entity that I am, I’ll be grabbing my copy of Total Recorder to capture the moment for posterior posterity.

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Working from home has bonuses, I’m finally making in-roads to a business case I’ve been at for the past two weeks and getting some peace and quiet to read some specifications (yawn), it also means I’m not spreading germs about the place… yes that annoying phlegm has ganged together to become a cold.. how nice…

Downside is the impromptu meetings and conversations you miss meaning I’ll spend Monday morning wondering what everyone is talking about.

Other things ‘to be done’:

  • Recovering my music files from iTunes ‘reorganisation’.
  • Reworking existing playlists (and adding a few more)
  • Hospital Radio Lennox re-design (as I’m getting content for it now)
  • Scottish Blogs re-design – aiming for more of a directory with the webring taking a back seat I think… think… suggestions welcomed..
  • Myowncdrom re-design – never was happy with that version.. but then I didn’t really design it…
  • Tidy this office (it’s a pit!)

Just as well we don’t plan on going far this weekend.

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(I’ve been meaning to jot down some ‘history’ so here is the first in an occasional series, occasional as in ‘when-I-remember’)

When I was sixteen, it was a very good year…

I joined the Boys Brigade in primary school. When I asked why I was greeted with the kind of biblical testament kids soon learn to avoid:
“Why? For once, many mooneth ago, your father’s father was the captain of a great clan of brigaders, he serveth his time, and begat your father. And lo, your father too was press-ganged welcomed into the brigade. He, and his father before him, suffered greatly for the freedom you have today, the freedom to choose to join such a venerable organisation.”

In other words I was told I was joining.

Looking back, once again, my parents were right. It was a wonderful experience, and without it I wouldn’t have some very close friends, including the best man at my wedding. But I’m leaping forward.

I made my way through the years at 1st Dumbarton Boys Brigade, from the Juniors to the Company section, and ended up a Sergeant squad leader. My squad won both trophies that year and I picked up a ‘Best Boy’ trophy that year as well. However the main achievement that year was gaining my Queen’s badge.

The Queen’s badge is the ultimate honour in the Boys Brigade and is hard work. There are several sections of work to be undertaken to prove your worth, including a community service aspect. It just so happened that a friend at school (a member of 2nd Dumbarton *spit*) was also doing his Queen’s badge, and mentioned that he was hoping to join the local hospital radio station. Being musically inclined I thought that was a great idea, and within a couple of weeks I was nervously walking down a hospital corridor to the remote rooms that make up Hospital Radio Lennox.

I can still remember my first night there, helping out with the request show. I’d been to the station for a quick orientation the previous week finding out how it worked, and listening in to the request show. The request show is the core part of hospital radio, visiting the patients, chatting to them, and getting them to listen in when we play a record of their choice. This is the part of hospital radio that is sometimes forgotten, but does make a difference. I lost count of the number of times I heard people say that I was the only visitor they’d had that day.

I digress. Once you been round the wards, it’s back to the studio to look out the records (vinyl!) and prepare for the show. My first ‘proper’ night there I was invited into the studio, and plonked in front of a microphone. Someone assured me I wouldn’t be speaking as there would be training before I was allowed on-air, but they must’ve been pulling my leg for next thing I know:

“Good evening, it’s 9 o’clock and time for the Request Show. My name is Andrew Scott Rankin and joining me tonight are Judith and Gordon…”

Cue draining of blood from face, panic stricken look across at Andrew, and him sitting there grinning like a cheshire cat giving me the thumbs up…

“If you didn’t spot our ward visitors tonight, don’t worry you can always phone us here at the studio, the number is coming up after the first request.”

And with that, he points at me, points at the mic (I already had the headphones on) and stops talking.

“This.. er.. request is for… Agnes in Ward 14… she’s asked for Chris de Burgh, Lady in Red.”

And that’s how it all started.

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I enjoy working with computers. It may be sad, but it is true. I will quite happily sit for hours on end, tweaking a database design, updating a website, designing a skin etc etc. I don’t play games on it much. Recently though, it’s been taking over a bit. I’ve been spending more and more time on it, neglecting the important things.

At the moment I have this website, Instant Ideas (a resource for hospital radio in the UK), and the Hospital Radio Lennox website which needs drastically updated. We have a couple of databases for our CD’s and video’s and I’m planning one for MiniDisc as well. I am in the midst of creating skins for WinAmp and WindowBlinds to match the various default colour schemes that are supplied with geOShell (my latest find), and I am coordinating the documentation team for geOShell. This is just in my spare time…

Now, the database stuff isn’t a priority, neither are the skins, the website stuff needs doing once every week or so, and the documentation shouldn’t take too long. In theory. However I still sit, night after night, bashing away at the keyboard.

So far, I’ve managed to keep most of my promises – the exercise and weight thing fluctuates, so it’s time for another one. I need to be more upbeat. More lively. Do more!

The Ta’i Chi class will help, and we are going to start exploring the local pubs. We are both afraid of turning into an ‘old married couple’. Some aspects of that are nice, but it doesn’t sit well with us.

So from here on out, updates to this site will be fewer, and long term it may disappear altogether – I no longer feel the need to rant, rave, and generally bore you all with the workings of my mind, and I no longer think it benefits me. I’m not sure though, we’ll see.

Upbeat will be the way, the attitude and the manner. Fingers crossed.

Personal Musings

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