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Budget Day. Wonder how much worse off I’ll be by 5pm today. Still, at least I can watch Hollywood Science at 7:30pm tonight to cheer me up! Yay!

Anyhoo, flipping knackered this morning. Did a rough cut edit of the 342 pics from the weekend, and got it down to around 200… couple of nice ones which may even get printed and framed, or at the very least used as desktop images. Maybe. I’m not sure so I will be expecting some feedback. On a related side note, anyone got any suggestions for ‘gallery/thumbnail’ software. Not sure how I want to do this but will figure that out later.

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OK, I’m maybe a bit late with this but just flicked over from the football at halftime (no I don’t want to talk about it) to catch this programme. Interesting, entertaining and informative.

“How many times have you watched a movie and asked yourself “Can that really happen in real life?” Jonathan Hare and Robert Llewellyn go in search of the science behind the scenes, and do a reality check on six of Hollywood’s greatest films.
Can Jackie Chan really bend iron bars? Is Paul Newman’s stomach capable of holding 50 eggs? Does that bus really have enough Speed to jump the gap? “

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