bookmark_borderDispatches from the deck(chair)

A week in the sun. Mild tan achieved (think healthy glow rather than skin cancer city) and back to the rain. So a few numbers, and a notable mention or two.

Number of crappy spy thriller novels read: 1 – Tom Clancy: Red Rabbit
Number of books from “list of books I really should read”: 1 – Kerouac: On the Road
Number of fascinating books that made me think: 1 – Maeda: Simplicity
Number of times I had to charge my iPod: 3 – mainly due to Albert Hammond Jr., Elbow and Starflyer 59 (with Stevie and Aretha as backup)
Number of runs: 2 – would’ve been three but for various circumstances, more on which in a moment
Number of pub quizzes entered and won: 1 – including me knowing that Abba’s last hit was SuperTrooper..
Number of ice cream cones eaten whilst watching the sun burn the horizon, and reflected in a mirror smooth Med: 1 – waffle cone, two scoops, one vanilla, one strawberry
Number of moments wondering how the hell the Spanish got anything done: 42
Number of times I had to charge my MacBook: 6 – more on that a LOT later
Number of tapas eaten: >10
Number of alcoholic drinks consumed: Hic

Item of note 1: Chatting with a friend of the Danish entry to Eurovision. Having watched a rather obvious (in both costume and song) drag queen swan around the stage to a rather catchy little disco number, I was amazed to hear that one of the guys in the pub knew her. What a small world.

Admittedly I was a little less amazed when he confessed that he was gay. Cue mock amazement from.. yeah I think the entire bar, as he’d spent the last 20 minutes yelping and screaming in excitement whilst doing that little tappy “seal clap” thing which appears to the remit of the overly camp. Alas just after the performance he swanned out, blowing kisses left and right. Apparently it was the only pub which had the Eurovision semi-final showing, but it was just “too straight for my ass, hahahaa, chow!”.

Yes, he really did say “chow!” when he left. Gloriously camp indeed.

Item of note 2: My father-in-law had an appointment for some treatment in hospital, he was only in overnight but these things are always a little stressful. Thankfully everything went well and he’s doing fine.

And so, it’s back to work tomorrow, and yeah, I guess I’d better fess up about that whole MacBook thing sometime..