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Whilst I realise I’m not hugely representative of “mice and men”, I’m currently struggling to plan and control several different projects both at home and at work. Now, I’ve yet to finish reading Getting Things Done, and I have been trying to implement some of the ideas, but I’ve not had time (and for those who’ve read the book – yes yes, I know!!) to clear the slate. Evidence is below should it be required.

It has a knock on effect here I think. Blogging becomes a chore but is an “easy” diversion, and other things that I prefer doing leap to the top of the queue, knocking things like “buy car tax” below where it should be (and I didn’t set a date for it.. doh!).

Enough of my nonsense! I say. Although ALL of this is my nonsense, but you know what I mean. Onto other matters then.

A question for you bloggers; Presuming you have them, how do you go about titling your posts?

I’ll take the one above as an example. The thought in my head when I started to write this was “best laid plans of mice and men”. Now I happened to remember that I’ve used “Mice and Men” as a post title before, and whilst I’m not bothered about repeating these things, I do like to put a teeny bit of thought into it. Hence the above.

Laid Plans. Laid = Sated. Plans = Blueprints. Simple. No?

Hey I never said the thought was logical.

Well it’s either that or bizarre references to songs and as no-one mentions them I presume they skim right over your heads (I expected better from you though, yes YOU, you there. You know who you are).

Random thought, my wife is blonde, almost every woman on my “allowed list” is brunette*. Is that because no other blonde could compare? Or because, and this is more probable, I prefer brunettes? Anyway, I’ll go with the first one I think, just in case.

And, darling, if you read this just remember. You’re exactly the same!**

* Helena Christensen, Lisa Snowdon, Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Kirsty Gallacher, Alyssa Milano…
** Tom Cruise, Adrian McMahon, bloke in Smallville, bloke in Roswell…


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Feeling much, much better, and actually having today and tomorrow off anyway, I decided to spend the day wandering round the shops. You know the type of wandering, the type you have to do on your own, because you are the only person who wants to look at the type of things you want to look at… clear as mud?

Put it this way, I wandered round the shopping centre, bought a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt, bought a couple of magazines (Q and a PC one if you must know), went for a coffee and lunch at Cafe Crema in Hamilton (best coffee and a delicious chicken pesto and cheese pannini), bought a house warming card for my mate Ian (who I am helping to move tomorrow) then off to Uddingston’s model shop.

No I wasn’t buying Helena Christensen (if only!) but new tyres and an upgraded engine for my remote control car.

Then onto Comet to buy some batteries (kill half an hour playing Timesplitters 2 and another 20 minutes looking for a new DVD player), the pet shop for some bird food, and then it was time to pick up Louise.

Doesn’t seem like much, but it included a long perusal of the magazines in WH Smith (who must carry every magazine published and a few that aren’t), and a stop back at home to drop off some bits and bobs, and whilst I was there I found out that the DVD player I’d sent back for repair was beyond that, so I was given a refund.

Right. I’m off to play with my remote control car, install Windows Media Player 9 and see what all the fuss is about, ohh yes and install Half-Life which I picked up for £10 (including Counter Strike and Opposing Force add-ons!).

Ohh I’m sorry, how are you?


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