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So tomorrow my beloved wife goes under the knife. She is having her gall bladder removed. These days that’s a minor op as it can be done via keyhole surgery, unless they have any hassles in which case they’ll just slash her mid-riff open and yank it out.

For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t until she was diagnosed), your gall bladder produces bile which is then passed, alongwith recently digested food to your stomach for processing. Gall stones can form over time and block the gall bladder, backing up the bile and.. well Louise’s symptoms were extreme pain across her middle, and vomiting.

These ’bouts’ have been happening on and off for about a year, with the most recent being yesterday, which turns out to be a good thing as it has reminded Louise why she needs this done.

She is at the HCI hospital in Clydebank (now called Golden summit or other…) and I have to say I’m impressed. She has her own room, bathroom and shower, Sky TV, and a view of the River Clyde. In the two hours I sat with her, she had two cups of tea provided and the nurse even took the time to chat to her a bit about what will happen, not her job as the consultant will officially do that later on this evening but much appreciated nonetheless.

All in all Louise is… well excited. It’s a new experience for her (and me), and she is loving the attention and fully expects to be spoiled rotten when she gets home. Which of course she will be.

Me? I’m nervous and worried and everything else a pessimist can think up.

P.S. She may even write a little thank you to you all when she gets out on Friday – her first ever blog post..

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I’ve often considered either switching this site or launching a new one which dealt with my professional interests and opinions, a la zeldman.

Trouble is I’m not sure how many people would care, and how to narrow down what I do so as not to tread into too many areas. Writing, Grammar, Evolution of language, UI design, HCI, web design and usability, educating users, etc etc – the list is endless. That’s one of the joys of being a Technical Communicator – you get to do LOADS of different things, unfortunately it is assumed that you don’t do any of them as well as a ‘qualified’ professional (except the writing bit that is).

Sigh, now I just need to get up enough motivation. Ohh and to check that I can post some stuff without getting slapped by anyone at work … lol.

I also need to start going to bed at a reasonable time and stop reading work emails at 11:46pm! And with that thought in mind, night all!

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