bookmark_borderRead in Spain

I’m trying to keep track of the books I read this year, just to see.. er.. how many I read or something.

Anyway, I started the year with three books on the go – Lazy Ways to Make a Living, London Fields, and Snow Falling on Cedars.

Despite that I read the following whilst on holiday:
Chasing the Dime – Fairly standard ‘everyman’ thriller with the worst opening chapter I’ve stumbled through. Suspension of disbelief beyond the call of duty.
Just One Look – good stuff from the ever reliable Harlan Coben. Another ‘every(wo)man’ thriller but a keeper.
Notes on a Scandal – recommended to me and an excellent read. Funny, moving and acerbic.
Astonishing Splashes of Colour – another recommendation and a very moving book. I could relate, to a point, to some of the aspects of the main character. Poignant but not sad or morose.