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Feeling much, much better, and actually having today and tomorrow off anyway, I decided to spend the day wandering round the shops. You know the type of wandering, the type you have to do on your own, because you are the only person who wants to look at the type of things you want to look at… clear as mud?

Put it this way, I wandered round the shopping centre, bought a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt, bought a couple of magazines (Q and a PC one if you must know), went for a coffee and lunch at Cafe Crema in Hamilton (best coffee and a delicious chicken pesto and cheese pannini), bought a house warming card for my mate Ian (who I am helping to move tomorrow) then off to Uddingston’s model shop.

No I wasn’t buying Helena Christensen (if only!) but new tyres and an upgraded engine for my remote control car.

Then onto Comet to buy some batteries (kill half an hour playing Timesplitters 2 and another 20 minutes looking for a new DVD player), the pet shop for some bird food, and then it was time to pick up Louise.

Doesn’t seem like much, but it included a long perusal of the magazines in WH Smith (who must carry every magazine published and a few that aren’t), and a stop back at home to drop off some bits and bobs, and whilst I was there I found out that the DVD player I’d sent back for repair was beyond that, so I was given a refund.

Right. I’m off to play with my remote control car, install Windows Media Player 9 and see what all the fuss is about, ohh yes and install Half-Life which I picked up for £10 (including Counter Strike and Opposing Force add-ons!).

Ohh I’m sorry, how are you?


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I ache. As usual I did too much in the gym on Wednesday, so my shoulders and arms are stiff and sore. The pain in my legs is nothing new and I’m used to it. We play football every Thursday (should I say soccer? Hell no!) and every Friday I’m stiff – is regular exercise not supposed to improve this? Mind you the game of netball on Tuesday should prove fun…

Looks like I’ll soon have SurfTime (Evenings and Weekends) setup – for those outside the UK, it is an unmetered service offered by BT and chosen ISPs. Unfortunately everytime an ISP launches an affordable 24/7 unmetered package the end up pulling it, or poorly implementing it because “some people abuse it, staying online for 16 hours at a time…”. I kinda thought that was the whole point… so I could have my PC online all the time and harness the power of the Internet. Have news delivered instantly, have my fridge order milk when I run out, etc etc. Or at the very least allow me to melt my retinas playing Half-Life! 😉

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Brazil. The film. Strange. Very, very strange. It’s age is obvious, but that aside it is entirely uninvolving. It’s not the most painful movie I’ve seen but more of a time-filler than anything. Ben-Hur is next on the list.

Quiet weekend. Half-Life practice soon. Then more time mucking about in DreamWeaver. Shouldn’t we be doing more? Yes, usual constraints are stopping us though… and once again we didn’t win the lottery. Sigh. 😉

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