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This post is entirely to save my own sanity. Feel free to skip it but if I don’t write all this down my head will explode.

Today I await the arrival of a new kitchen worktop and need to visit the doctor (well the nurse) to get my blood pressure taken again. I’ve been pretty good watching what I eat, not adding salt to anything (well a tiny amount to that tasteless bowl of chicken soup.. ick) and I’ve also managed to lose about 5lbs so it’s all good, I hope.

Tomorrow night Louise is out seeing South Pacific. Not my favourite show so quite glad I’m not going, it’ll give me a chance to sort through my bookshelves (some of them at least).

Saturday (22nd) night we are out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, then off to see Jimmy Carr. I’m expecting sore sides on Sunday morning.

Although I might have to work on Sunday so I hope they aren’t too sore.

Alas I might also have to work on Monday (Bank Holiday or not, but I’ll get the days back…).

At some point next week the article I wrote for Credit Control Journal (exciting stuff) will be published.

Tuesday (25th) of next week I’m through in Edinburgh in the evening at a SUPA event (ohh dahhhlling that’s supa!), which will give me some blog fodder for that other blog I have as well as being pretty damn interesting in general.

Thursday (27th) of next week, we are at the dentist at 9.30am. Well Louise is, but as we share the commute these days it means I’ll also be late into the office.

Friday (28th) of next week is Games Night at work, and I’m looking forward to chilling out a little, playing Guitar Hero, eating pizza and generally being a bit geeky.

On Monday the 31st of March the kitchen fitters arrive. I’m not saying any more on THAT topic lest I jinx things but it does mean the next few weekends will consist of flooring, papering, cleaning and of course we’ll need to buy new stuff (basin, bins, that kind of thing).

On Friday the 4th of April I’ll be at the Elbow gig at the ABC in Glasgow (anyone else going??).

On Friday the 11th of April we have a Development night out (allegedly, it’s still to be arranged).

And on Saturday the 12th April I’ll be at the Portishead gig in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. That’ll be odd as their new album isn’t released until the 28th…

At some point in April we will be going down to see Peggy and family so Louise and her get a chance to meet before we fly off to Hungary together at the start of May.

I’ve also got an article in the ISTC quarterly publication, Communicator, but not sure when that is appearing, and I’ve got a regular slot in their monthly newsletter starting this month. Both will be covered on t’other blog.


Ever wondered how the time goes by so quickly? THAT’S why!!


We are considering going to the cinema tonight. Vantage Point looks like a nicely escapist kind of movie to take our minds of the state of our house at the moment, and the hassles we had last night.

I’m not going into the details but suffice to say that I had to fill in an incident report with the Police after a taxi driver (black cab) scrapped along the back of my car trying to get round me and then, after sharing a few choice words, drove off without giving me his details.

Well except for the license plate and cab number on the back of course…

I’d pulled in to the side of the road to let Louise out of the car, it was pouring with rain and we were on a rescue mission to get our niece who wasn’t well. I was sitting with the back end of the car sticking out across a side street, but I’d planned to drop Louise off and then go and find somewhere to park.

The taxi was parked in the side street waiting on a fare. I was trying to reverse to I could pull out, but the traffic behind me wouldn’t let me out, the taxi got a fare and, whilst shouting obscenities out the window at me (apparently I’m a “fucking genius moron”) managed to clip the back of my car.

Livid, I jumped out, as did he. He continued to shout at me whilst I stood at the car door asking him how the hell I was supposed to get out of his road if he wouldn’t let me reverse 2 feet. He started walking towards me, round the back of my car and obviously saw (or THOUGHT) that the damage to my car wasn’t anything, and suddenly he was all “let’s calm down, no problem..” and offered to shake hands.

I hadn’t moved, refused to shake hands and as he started to walk back to his cab I walked round to the back of the car. As I reached it, he was getting back in his cab and driving off which, as the policeman who took the incident report pointed out, means he’s been involved in a car accident and not given his details.

I was within my rights to pull in to let a passenger alight and, frankly, after the way the arrogant tosser acted I hope they take his license off him.

There isn’t too much obvious damage to the car, the paint work will need resprayed, and I’ll be getting it checked out anyway.

It’s one of the few times in my life where I’ve consciously thought, ‘Right, if he takes one more aggressive step towards me, I’ll meet him halfway with my fist’. I was LIVID.

A crap ending to a good day, visiting family, winning the only rugby game that really matters and we’d just sat down to watch 16 Blocks. So, today Louise is out shopping and I’m gonna turn on the Wii, turn the volume up and practise Guitar Hero until my fingers bleed!


We got a Wii in January, and Guitar Hero arrived this week. I’ve not played it much but there are a few tips I thought I’d pass on.

The first one is obvious, if you don’t have it (and you like rock music) GET IT! I know it’s hard to find, I ended up ordering mine online. I first played it at about 2am on New Year morning, and was instantly taken with it. It’s quite a straightforward game but is completely absorbing, mind you I’m not sure the word ‘game’ is adequate, it’s more an entertainment experience or something…

The next tip is to make sure you’ve closed the curtains, drawn the blinds, and generally are free to prance around your living room like a twat. Not that you’ll be prancing much but you do want to be…

…standing up. Tip three made a real difference to me, and whilst I’m not entirely sure why I do know that being able to move along to the music really helped me suss out the combinations and rhythms.

And finally have an alarm clock or some method of alerting you of the time. The temptation for just one more song is high and before you know it, you’ll hearing a banging from upstairs as your wife gently yells that it’s TWO FUCKING AM! SHUT UP!! as you shred through some more AC/DC… allegedly.