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(thanks for that word Lyle)

A quick bit of background: We are with Telewest who also supply my our broadband connection and cable TV package. We’ve been with them since we moved in here, about 2 and a half years ago. I’ve paid every bill by direct debit.

So, Friday afternoon I realise our phone line is dead. I phone customer support and they arrange an engineer for Monday (today) between 11a.m. and 2p.m.
Doorbell goes at 1.02p.m. I’m not surprised by this having had Telewest engineers out 3 times since moving here and they’ve always appeared on time.

Come on in, I say. The engineer says that there isn’t any need as he’s been trying to fix my problem for the last two hours but hasn’t been able to get anywhere.

Confused I ask him what he’s talking about. He explains.

Basically, seemingly (ridiculously) Telewest have ‘lost’ the fact that I have a phone account with them. So they disabled the service. This is despite the fact that on Thursday last week, the monthly bill came through, and I checked it to see how many international calls we’ve made (to Spain to Louise’s Mum and Dad) to see if the International calling package I’d had added to our account the previous month was saving us money (which it is).

GRRRRRR – surely there is some step in their procedure that states: if the person has been paying for a phone line, and has made calls USING the phone line then they are entitled to have the phone line. I mean it’s not like I was trying to cheat them but using a phone service I hadn’t paid for…

So they are going to phone me (!) to clarify the issue. I’m not sure if they will contact me on my mobile (which should be fun as the reception in the house is lousy) or if they will re-enable the phone line to do so, either way the matter of three days of lost service will be discussed!

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Galactic Toss Monkeys.

Revenge WILL be mine! Watch out Lyle, I’m comin’ ta getch ya! Pop a cap in yo ass!!

Ohh OK, probably not…

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“Dear Sir,
To receive your new computer you will have to take a day off work, sit at home and wait for us to deliver it. I’m afraid we can’t give you an approximate time, or even an a.m./p.m. expectation as our drivers obviously don’t plan their route until they are actually on the road. Ohhh and if we don’t deliver it by 6pm please let us know.”

So I did. At 5:50 p.m. I was told the that drivers finished at 6 p.m. and had had a ‘big load’ today (so get a bigger fuckin van!). However as the drivers were finished and the depot was closed by the time I got an answer (at about 6:05 p.m.) I didn’t even have the option of driving the 3 miles to the depot to collect it myself.

Tell me, if you have a delivery to make and it’s all of 10-15 minutes away, do you think you would put on your route for the day? And as their online tracking system shows that it has been sitting in their Bothwell depot since Saturday, don’t you think they might’ve planned to deliver it today as they, themselves, stated? Apparently not. Apparently the courier was very busy dealing with deliveries that were within a 2 mile radius. So if we were still staying at our old flat I would be joyously typing an entry from a shiny, new PC.

But I’m not.

Ohh and to cap it off, if I phone back tomorrow at 9 a.m. they will try and give me an ‘ETA’. Isn’t that good of them, I should really be very grateful that they are being so helpful. Especially as the only reason I have to phone back tomorrow is because they didn’t deliver my new PC today!!

Excuse me for a second, kiddies, some gratutitous swearing is coming up, please avert your eyes.


Ahem. Maybe I should try and calm down before I go to bed.

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