Skunk Anansie

Reading time: 2 mins A long time ago, in a blue football stadium, I saw Skunk Anansie support a certain 80s rock band (ohh ok, it was Bon Jovi, now shush). The day wasn’t a great one, the weather was crap, the PA system poor and the entire day was largely forgetable. At the time Skunk Anansie were about […]

Not from Sveeden

Reading time: 3 mins Last night, which kinda snuck up on me, saw me and a few thousand others bopping along to all those wonderful old Abba hits. Yes that’s right. Abba. Or, more accurately, the tribute band Björn Again were in town. I’ve seen them once before, almost 15 years ago now, when they played a gig at […]

New music

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve been ripping some more CDs to my PC recently, and thanks to an iTunes smartlist I can confirm that today I will mostly be, randomly, listening to tracks from the following albums: Joni Mitchell – Blue and The Hissing of Summer Lawns Iron Maiden – Best of the Beast Pink Floyd – Dark Side […]

Your majesty

Reading time: 2 mins I grew up in a musical household. Lots of records and tapes lying about, music constantly played in the car and kitchen. My Mum was a screaming Beatles fan, my Dad favoured folk music in various guises. Both of them enjoyed rock music, Status Quo and the like, but it was an album sleeve with […]