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Contrary to popular belief, where “popular” refers to all my tens of readers and “belief” refers to the scant notion that any of you buggers have anything even approaching morals let alone a belief system, I am not completely brainwashed by our friends across the pond.

You know, them Merkin folk. The ones with the new president.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hater of the United States of America but there is something about this thanksgiving holiday they have that irks me in a way not dissimilar to that feeling you get when you have a stone in your shoe but it’s raining so you can’t stop to remove it and have to plod on and on through puddles with a HUGE JAGGED ROCK slashing into your foot with every step.

Actually that’s not strictly true.

I mean the stone in your shoe thing is, despite the fact we all know that that stone is little more than a teeny tiny ickle pebble the damn thing feels huge and horrid when it’s creeping about in your shoe. That’s another thing that’s annoying about getting a stone in your shoe the way the stones will shuffle and move whilst you walk, making each step a little adventure. Well not an adventure so much as it gives you a slightly odd looking shuffling gait.

I think I’m getting sidetracked.

Ohh yes, Merkin Thanksgiving.

I realise it’s a big deal over there, really I do, but the entire world does not actually give a stuff(ing) about your holiday. I’m sure you are all over the pilgrims and indians and are thankful that you have the bestest celebrities in the world (evah!) but can you please keep the noise down? Whilst I am very thankful you have elected a new President, and doubly thankful that you chose Barack Obama, the rest of that nonsense you can keep to yourself.

This blog post is courtesy of having received three separate and unrelated emails from various Merkin companies, all wishing me a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!

Seriously. Fuck off.

Still trying to get rid of the lurgy, I decided “bugger it” and went out for my first run of 2007. Bloody glad I did because I feel GREAT now! Gotta love those endorphins! It was a busier than usual session, a LOT of new people.. can anyone say New Year Resolution?


Jonathan King. Guilty or not he needs to learn the meaning of the word dignity, although I doubt he’d recognise it if you filled a large bucket with it and twatted him upside the head. Twice.

On what scale do you judge musical popularity? Critical acclaim, album sales or a varied level of both? What was the last GREAT album you heard? (I’m going to start reviewing CDs here as well as the occasional movie)

TO DO: Finish draft post on “women in blogging” currently titled Chasming the Tipping Velvet (geddit).

TO DO: Finish HaloScan Wiki, getting close.

M74 extension, a good or a bad thing?

When I offered to be the book keeper for my wife’s new venture, she said: “You don’t have the figure for heads”. We spent the next ten minutes giggling like children.

WORDPRESS: Miniblog plugin?

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Hi, how are you?

I’m good. In fact, I may even go so far as to say I’m GREAT! I’m wonderful, fantastic etc etc. I won’t go that far though as it’s still early…

Hopefully, by the time I get home tonight, we will have a new boiler in the loft and the old back boiler and fire will be removed. This will leave a hole in the wall for a while until we figure out what we are going to do but it gets rid of the monstrosity that has sat in our living room for the past three years (pics to follow).

Another factor in my wonderful mood is, possibly, the fact that I have tomorrow off.

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Research has proven that wearing sunglasses boosts your ego.

No…really, a British study by Dr. Glenn Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London, reports that measurable psychological benefits can be gained from wearing sunglasses.

But is it really so? I think Dr.Wilson is looking to deep into the matter and suffering from ‘can’t-see-the-wood-for-all-these-damn-trees’ syndrome.

Its simple really…when do people wear sunglasses, when its sunny! and how do you feel when you are sitting in the sun – GREAT!! So you are feeling good, and I bet you feel, measurably, better. Is it just me, or is it really that obvious?

The study goes on to reveal that “People wear sunglasses because they feel they look good in them. You feel in control”. It’s funny, I’ve come across various studies on wildly different themes, and they all make reference to control. Why is control such a major part of the modern day psyche? That’s another discussion, I digress.

One interesting (?) point – “People report having additional courage to ogle when their gaze can’t be detected” – now I wouldn’t class it as ogling, but your glance definitely lasts longer when you wearing sunglasses, and there is no harm in looking, unless you get caught!

The main point of the study does stand up, don’t you feel cool when you’ve got your shades on?

BUT! (You knew there would be one…)

BUT! (and it is a very large BUT!) do we really need to spend money on this type of research? Is the ‘name of science’ a credible argument for this sort of work? What are the benefits of this, and how much of taxpayers money did it use? So why do these types of work still manage to get funding? Now I’m all for scientific research, but it has to have some sort of focus in benefiting society, be it now or in the future. The argument of always finding something better to spend taxpayers’ money will always ring true, but never more so than in the face of such a blatant waste of money.

Whilst I am sure this study does reveal some of the intricate psychological values that modern society foists on us, surely there are many more important things to worry about. In fact, I know there are.

Thank you, rant over.


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