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Nothing of substance. Truth be told I’m killing time whilst I wait for some software to install. Aren’t you lucky, dear reader, that I’m so thoughtful.

I’m installing software because I’m working today, which from the looks of the weather doesn’t seem like a bad option now, typically holiday weekend weather outside. In other words, it’s chucking it down. Mind you, I’ll be in again on Monday as well so, frankly, the weather is the least of my concerns.

The office is quiet, so I’ve got my new XMI X-Mini Max speakers hooked up to my laptop to test them and have to admit that, for such a teeny tiny speaker system, the sounds is pretty acceptable. Perfect for taking on holiday.

Speaking of which, I’m starting to realise that I’ve only got a week left to pack… ohh wait, what am I thinking, it’ll take me all of 20 mins, 10 of which will be deciding which t-shirts to take.

What will take more time will be making sure I’ve got the right movies and music ready on my iPhone (and a new iPod Touch that some will be getting as an early birthday present… ssshhhhh). Never an easy task that one, although I do tend towards Soul, RnB and Pop and away from my usual fare. That said I can’t NOT have the new Prodigy album on there… but I’m open to suggestions.

What’s your favourite sunshine album?

I’ll start that task tomorrow, as well as nipping to the gym for a while (yeah, I do that now!) although that depends wholly on the state of my hangover as we are visiting my tequila monster friend this evening. I swear the woman is determined to destroy my liver.

So that’ll be the sum total of my day tomorrow, a day off which will be spent sorting out the various gadgets that accompany us to Spain, watching the Grand Prix, some footie and generally not doing a whole lot. I can’t bloody wait.

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I woke at… well… I think it was about 6.30am on Sunday. I went downstairs, fed the cat, put some coffee on and made some breakfast before settling down to watch the Australian Grand Prix coverage. I was recording it because it started at 6 am, not a time I usually see on a Sunday morning, and so I could skip through the adverts (go on, admit it, you spent the first hour waiting for them too, didn’t you).

It was about 7 am when I sat down in front of the TV and pressed PLAY. As ever, the recording included a few minutes of the previous programme, BBC News 24. Viewers of that programme will know that part of the on-screen information, permanently in view, is a clock.

And they’d forgotten to change the time! The BBC!! Terrible! Honestly, what do I pay my license for if they can’t even remember to change a clock. What is this country coming to?! Look at it, 5.58am! It’s not!! It’s 6.58am ya numpties!



In my defense it was very early, and I hadn’t had any caffeine.


Some wise person once said “Best laid plans are soonest avoided”. Admittedly it may have been me…

My weekend was hiijacked by shopping (whilst we waited on the electricians finishing) so I have a couple of new shirts, a night out with our friends (and rather delicious steak!), and a car boot sale which included getting up in the middle of the night to get there, and having people peer into the back of your car the second you pull up. They had torches and everything, these are serious people, organised people, do NOT get in their road!

Also managed to fit a cat flap which Ollie has finally figured out how to use, although it will mean building a new back step (he’s climbing up some bricks at the moment to get to the flap), and through the joys of Sky+ I got to watch Scotland lose at rugby, Rangers steal a cup final from Dundee United, and a rather exciting Grand Prix.

I did not, however, read anything, nor start clearing out my bookshelves. Oh well, Louise is out on Wednesday night so I can crack on with that job when I’ve got the house to myself. Yes, yes, I could easily tackle the job when she is there but it means I need to limit the volume of “that crap music”… it’s much better if I wait until she is out, trust me.

A busy few weeks ahead, kitchen ‘stuff’ of course, plus Jimmy Carr this weekend and a trip back to the doctors to see about my high blood pressure. I’ve spent the last week adding no salt, reading labels on packets and generally being sensible about what I eat (if you discount the Toffee Crisp I had yesterday… hey, I’d been up since 4.30am!!). It’s not been too bad to be honest and I really hope it’s helped lower my blood pressure as I really REALLY don’t want more pills, I’ve still got two weeks of antibiotics to get through!

Not a bad weekend then, although looking at the weather today I wish I had the day off because the garden really really needs some attention! Anyone wanna bet it’s raining this weekend?


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Some brief thoughts that sparked through my head after the “terror” attack on Glasgow Airport.

1. Glasgow, my home city. All of a sudden it’s close to home. Doubly so as I drive right past the runway every day on my way to work every day.

2. Glasgow, isn’t a capital city, why didn’t they hit Edinburgh?

3. If they HAD gotten the vehicle inside it would have been awful.. queues of people waiting to checkin would’ve been about 15 feet from the doorway the car hit.

4. Ummm the car was too wide for the doors?

5. Ummmm they only used one car, and were targetting one end of a long narrow building. Even if they HAD have gotten in… the building would probably still be usable…

6. Can we stop reporting that the terrorists are Asian? It’s wholly pointless really.

7. Who was the last white terrorist?

8. BBC News 24 is awful. The fact that “some ministers have been seen heading for No.10” is NOT news!

9. I seem to be de-sensitised to this already. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

So today I’ll watch the French Grand Prix, do a little work and try, again, to get my Wifi connection to play nicely with my Mac.

Just another Sunday really. Except it’s not, it’s now tainted with thoughts of car bombs and suspicion is creeping in… paranoia to follow?

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Girl with a one track mind has long been a favourite read, primarily because of her open and frank discussions of her sexual adventures and preferences (and mainly because of the wit and honesty with which she writes). Surprise, huh. After the boom in popularity of Belle de Jour —does anyone still read her blog? She has posted on this topic as well— which went from “best kept secret” to “guess who” in a matter of months, the publishing of books of these so-called sex blogs seems to spark undue interest.

But, now that the true identity of Girl has been revealed, again we have the press creating a hubbub where, frankly, one doesn’t really exist.

In a nutshell the ‘story’ can be described thus:

  1. Woman starts anonymous blog, discusses her sex life
  2. Blog starts gaining in popularity
  3. Publishing house decides to cash in, offers woman a book deal
  4. Woman accepts, with some trepidation that her identity will be revealed
  5. Her identity is revealed by a national newspaper

Fascinating, huh.

One question is why the newspaper chose to run this story. It’s a tiny headline in a sea of corruption, war, death and an Englishman winning a Grand Prix, and I reckon that you can split it’s audience neatly into sections. There will be many people who will tut, tut at the decline of society, appalled that ‘sex’ is being discussed in such frank and open terms (and to continue the stereotype, they’ll later go home, tie up their partner, and start whipping them whilst dress in head to toe PVC). There will also be people who read the article and will wonder what all the fuss is about. There will be others who wonder why she wrote about it all so publically, and there will be plenty of others who will see the word “blog” and stop reading.

Needless to say it’s making ripples in blogland.

Up in arms that a journalist has broken the code of conduct, Tom Reynolds writes that “We bloggers examine every word on our blogs for their effect on our privacy, we edit what we write to reveal as much, or as little about our true selves as we desire”, arguing that everyone has a right to privacy, which we do.

Bobbie asks Why was Girl with a One Track Mind anonymous? reminding us of “The First Rule of Blogging: if you don’t want things to ever come out into the open, you don’t write about them at all.” I’ve discussed self-censorship on here before, and have to agree with Bobbie, if you wouldn’t stand on a street corner, shouting it out, don’t blog about it.

And Pete suggests that the journalist in question should “do some investigative research into what journalism is supposed to be about and do something useful with your skills“, and having read the article in question I’d wholeheartedly agree. The few snippets of information are presented in an entirely sensationalist way and, well, I just don’t see the point. WHY should I read this (a moot point as I already have, I know).

But is there a middle ground here?

Personally I think that Tom is correct, that journalists (and not just in this instance) need to exert more control and have a level of morality injected (physically if necessary). As the press scramble for publishing figures, the right to privacy for all needs to be more readily enforcable. Of course I’d suggest that society should take some of the blame here, the fascination with any level of celebrity isn’t healthy and only serves to lower the standards of the mainstream press (again, a deeper discussion of the lower education standards, and lack of discipline is probably warranted but best avoided for the moment).

Yet I also agree with Bobbie, to a point. It IS possible, if you are careful, to have an anonymous blog —the identity of Belle de Jour has yet to be revealed— and, frankly, if you want to discuss your preferences, sexual or otherwise on that blog then go for it. The personal nature of a blog and the relationship that exists between the author and the blog itself, is unique. With a little care you could publish whatever you want and not fear that your anonymity will be compromised.

But balance that with the simple fact that, like most secrets, the truth will out and you have a potential recipe for disaster. Whilst it’s easy to say that the journalists should exercise some self-control, the same can be said for bloggers. Maybe blogging needs a central charter that can be referred to, an agreed Code of Conduct?

I’ll close by saying that I sincerely hope that the fallout from this doesn’t hit Girl too hard, and I’ll leave the last word on this to the inimitable andre (ohh god, am I allowed to mention his name?).


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Monday meetings
What’s the worst thing that happens when you’ve just agreed to take on two more projects? You get hit by meeting overload. In an attempt to stop myself committing hari-kari, I’ve dug out a few links on surviving those long meetings:

Mind you, staying up until 2 a.m. watching the Grand Prix highlights probably didn’t help (but what a race!). Early to bed for me tonight… yeah right…

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East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. – hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither.

Hamilton for lunch – same shoppng goals – got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec).

Glasgow for secondary shopping goal – purple attire – remembered why we don’t travel across the city at 2pm. Spend 90 mins stationary in car. Curse sister for have a purple themed 21st birthday party. Give up and go home.

Wedding reception in the evening. Get togged up, go to reception, have better time than expected. On leaving bride mentions the engagement present we gave them that they had just gotten around to opening… yes, you guessed it, a box of glasses. Doh. Oh well, should see the funny side of it I hope…

Today, gym a.m., Spanish Grand Prix p.m., tidied up house a little, and about to start dinner.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Only kidding Jen, we don’t mind really…

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