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Survived Saturday. Was a great day, good company, good beer and the Grand National even offered some excitement. Jinty McGintys is a great pub and we made a few new friends – but seeing as we were taking up about a third of the pub some people didn’t have much choice! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Paul, and cheers for a great day out.

Today we were through at the in-laws caravan. Aired it, dusted it, and I dismantled a rotting old fence that had fallen down over the winter. We then went for a walk along the loch side and, what with all that fresh air, I’m completely knackered!

Bed time it is then.

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Oops, almost forgot. Grand National in about 10 minutes or so… ohh it appears to be late starting…

Not a horse racing fan to be honest but I don’t mind a 50p flutter in the office sweepstake. Just wish I could remember which horses I pulled out of the hat! Bear on Board? Clan Royal?

Update: Still can’t recall which horses I had but I don’t think I had the winner, Amberleigh House. Hope none of the riders or horses were injured this year.

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