Why Fitbit is winning

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My main aim for this year was to lose weight. Actually that’s not true. My main aim for this year was to be happy which involves changing my lifestyle and habits, mostly focussed around my fitness and weight. Data helps me with this, tracking my weight loss lets me look back and see how I’ve…

Cycling: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 16:13:35

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Map is a bit wrong, lost GPS for some reason, I did not magically fly across the Clyde and back! Activity: Cycling Distance: 13.14 mi Duration: 00:45:34

Private Private

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Continuing the terrible titles, this is a take on Catch-22, for no particular reason other than being able to play on the word “private”. Think yourselfs lucky I didn’t choose the schoolboy route and go with “Show us yer privates”. Oddly the only reason I’m writing about this is because Twitter is currently dead, if…

5km and Nike+

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I’ve created a new category for these posts, it’s about time I think… Anyway, completed the jogScotland Glasgow Green 5K tonight, in a 29 mins and 18 secs!! Woooohoooo. My private aim was under 30 minutes but given that I was still a little leg heavy after Sunday’s 10K I was doubtful I’d manage it,…