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Another day in training. Another quiet day here at Snowgoon Towers.

So, briefly, I’ll just mention the following:

  • Happy Birthday to Julie, 21 for the tenth time is it? (eleventh?)
  • A quick reminder to people wearing rucksacks on the train – IT STICKS OUT BEHIND YOU! When you turn round you need to account for it too not just your shoulder space. Idiot.
  • Mr.Bridgett, your CD will be in the post today. Presuming I can blag a stamp from someone.
  • Imagine my surprise when the first thing I heard on the radio this morning, as it yanked me from my slumber, was that Janet Jackson has admitted the ‘exposed breast’ thing was a setup. AND would you believe she has a single out this week as well, what are the chances…
  • I’m thinking of changing the site name. Confusion reigns as it’s listed as Gordon Snowgoon, Something, Snowgoon, Something Snowgoon or Snowgoon Something etc etc… in a variety of places. Now, I’m old-skool so the URL has nowt to do with the site name but maybe I should change it to make that clearer? Thoughts please (although I’m finding Snowgoon Towers quite catchy… hmmmm)
  • Tag lines. I thought of a new one last week but have forgotten it. Suggestions please (although I do quite like the current ‘Reality is frequently inaccurate’).

That’s it.

For the moment.

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