Hello Google

Reading time: < 1 min (Does anyone else say the above phrase with the same emphasise as the Motorola ads: Hello Moto? Anyone? Just me then. Right you are). Just found out I’m eighth for the Google Search: buy champagne rhubarb crowns. That is all.

Weird Google

Reading time: < 1 min OK, I’m a referrer log whore, bite me. Sifting through the referrer logs I came across the usual request (it features every week and I know I don’t help as I keep mentioning the request itself): Google Search: Kylie’s Bum pics. What IS weird is the 3rd result (currently). Oi Gert – what you up […]


Reading time: < 1 min Google Search: Search Engine Who says Google ‘fixes’ its search results?

Reading time: < 1 min Google (NOT Blogger)Google Search: Velma was the only smart one in the whole group. She could’ve gotten so much more accomplished if they didn’t always send her off with that damn pothead and his dog. Seriously.. WTF???

Reading time: < 1 min RemarkableWell past-remarkable anyway… Manipulating Google takes around 3-5 days it would seem. Google Search: “galactic toss monkey” (Hey at least I’m number one…) Now all we have to do is get this ‘meme’ going, I fancy a collaborative ‘Bloggy’ for the 2003 Best Meme!


Reading time: < 1 min Top referrer: Google Search: free pics of women kicking men in the nuts. Oh deary me. I must be SUCH as disappointment to people who come to site looking for such things. I apologise profusely. I will try harder I promise. (Seriously though – WTF!)