Going Global

One of the challenges the team will face this year is how to coordinate the creation of product documentation with geographically dispersed teams, across different product lines. At present we have engineering teams in Glasgow, Belfast, Limerick, Jakarta, Sunnyvale CA, and Bedford NH, building four products and maintaining five other legacy applications. Currently we have six technical

Random notes of no importance

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Is it wrong that I'd really rather Ollie killed the mice rather than bring them into the house to play? It's one thing picking up a dead mouse, quite another to spend 20 minutes chasing a live one round the living room at 3 am. Melody Gardot & R.E.M. After catching

The art of complaining

Apparently we are rubbish at it, us Brits. We'd rather quietly seethe than give voice to any kind of negative comment or any hint that we are complaining. I'm an occasional complainer, mainly because I just don't see the need to bother with things I consider mundane so I tend to save up my complainments*

Google Docs

Make my living writing software documentation. There is, of course, much more to it than that, but that remains the bulk of the job. I also write as a hobby, both on this blog and on my other more personal blog. I also maintain a third website although that has been somewhat neglected recently (note

Combine & Conquer

Combine and conquer It's been so long since I started this whole 'oneman' thing, combining all my online 'identities' into one amorphous mass, that it was quite good to take a break, step back and make sure that it's working for me. Ultimately the creation of onemanwrites.co.uk was to stop the build up of "work"