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Google Blogger thoughts
How Blogger could do more than improve Google’s Web searches? (via Ev)

I’m not sure I agree with all of this article, specifically the ability to store links in a personal area which you can then search, I don’t really see how this is different from your Favourites list (especially as I’ve just downloaded an app that allows you to search your favourites list).

More interesting is the link at the bottom of the article to some thoughts written by Matt Webb which make interesting reading if only to see the thought processes and the benefits of discussion, with Matt, Ben Hammersley and Dirk bouncing off each other until they reach the conclusion that Google is building Memex (An idea thought up by Vannevar Bush in an essay published in 1946 which imagined the Memex as a machine of connected documents that assumed that a record of trails (links) would be of great use in amplifying the signal of human memory).

I have to say I find the whole idea fascinating, as I have long since bemoaned the ‘information overload‘ from which we all suffer. I am guilty of bookmarking a page or site to go back and ‘check it out later’ only to find it hidden deep in my Favourites list months later (by which time it is either defunct or of no use to me).

In fact I have already planned to revisit this topic and log my thoughts about the direction Google and Blogger may take, but I don’t think I’ll commit to anything.

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Google Blogger, so it begins…

In the midst of the chaos and “But how does it affect ME!!?” questions that have met the news announced yesterday, Evan trys to allay fears of Google favouritism.

Whilst I realise that the matter hasn’t been properly discussed internally I sincerely hope that Blogger users are NOT automagically added to a ‘Googledex’ style directory. I don’t think (and with my limited knowledge of other ‘personal publishing tools’ this is a guesstimate at best) that it would be particularly hard to add an ‘opt-in’ button or function on other tools, and with the popularity (market share) of Google it should be pretty easy for them to request such a feature and get something up and running.

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