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Today is a Glasgow Fair Monday. So to avoid the sunday service on the trains, and all the other hassles that are associated on working on a ‘bank holiday’, I’m working at home.

This has advantages, the main one is being able to listen to music on speakers instead of through headphones. If I had had my headphones on I wouldn’t have heard the early crack of the thunderstorm that has just passed overhead, although I most certainly would have heard the following rumbles. So loud it made me jump!

Right off to buy some more RAM for my PC, I mean 512MB just isn’t enough, is it?

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Glasgow Fair Monday, there are small wispy clouds dotting the blue sky, it’s sunny and warm. I’m working. What is wrong with this picture?

Really need a holiday, and chance to re-focus and gather my thoughts. The last two months have been crazy, lots of change at work, lots of change at home (new house). So much going on. I’ve got a list of things I want to do on my desk. Basic routine stuff much of it, defrag my PC, clean it out at bit, install some new progs I’ve had sitting about for ages. Start work on a couple of projects, convert my CD database to a new format, etc etc. Unfortunately I’m having to be all grown up and take care of things like mortgages, life assurance, wills etc. I wish I didn’t have any responsibility, life would be so much easier, but I’m just not that selfish (Yes I am selfish but not THAT much..).

Do you wish you could be a kid again?

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